World Cup in Qatar – “At the World Cup, there is no room for miracles”: The thorny question Paul Pogba

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Will Paul Pogba play in the World Cup? The question is haunting because, despite his failed experience at Manchester United, he remains one of Didier Deschamps’ three most important players. Best Blue at the Euro, essential in Russia, Pogba is essential and his absence would deal a terrible blow to the ambitions of the world champions. Today, no one knows if he will be recovered from his meniscus operation but the chances of seeing him start at 100% of his means in the inaugural match against Australia on November 22 are slim.

When you touch the knee, you have two big problems: the tolerance of the joint and the physical state of recovery.warns Jean-Pierre Paclet, doctor of the Blues from 1993 to 2008. I don’t have his medical file in my hands but it seems difficult to me to see him 100% at the start of the competition even if we cannot be categorical today.“Therefore, can Didier Deschamps take the risk, even without an expanded list of 26 names, of selecting Pogba to put him back on his feet during the competition?

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Will Paul Pogba be at the World Cup with the France team?

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Ribéry, Varane and the intransigence of Deschamps

He will come on the condition that he is fit and that he is in competitor modewarned the coach on Thursday. Paul is not a GO. He is not there to amuse the gallery. The players called up to the France team are fit to be on the pitch.“The findings are clear, implacable and will not surprise those who have observed the France team since Deschamps took office. DD never hesitates to decide on the spot when one of his players is uncertain on the edge of a great competition, regardless of status, experience, importance on the pitch: the Blues never take players on one leg with them.

Didier Deschamps with Frank Ribery

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In 2014, the best player of the Blues, Franck Ribéry, victim of chronic low back pain, remains at the dock a few days before takeoff for Brazil. Two years later, for the Euro at home, it was Raphaël Varane, defense boss, who missed the big adventure for a thigh injury. The two men could have hoped to find the eleven during the competition but Deschamps took no risk.

2008: When the spleen of Viera depresses the Blues

I agree 200% with himsupports Jean-Pierre Paclet. It’s still a really bad idea. In 2008, Raymond (note: Domenech) had chosen to take Patrick Vieira, then injured in the thigh, to the Euro. All the energy of the medical and technical staff was turned towards him so that he could play again. He got frustrated, we expected a miracle and we made Viera a dead weight in the locker room. There is nothing worse.“Before the third game against Italy, Vieira displays his spleen in front of the press:”I don’t know where I am honestly and it gives me even more balls. There were inconsistencies on my injury and on the care that was given.“The Blues did not need him to sink but the captain did not help his troops by living the competition full of frustration.

Jean-Pierre Paclet, doctor of the Blues from 1993 to 2008, alongside Raymond Domenech and Pierre Mankowski

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What is Paul going to do for weeks if he can’t play? He will test his knee, spin in circles, get frustratedanticipates Paclet. Disappointing an important player has automatic repercussions on the group and can undermine it, as was the case with Patrick or Zinedine. (Editor’s note: Zidane) in 2002. He injured his thigh during preparation. We did everything to get him to play in the third group match but he wasn’t good because he was out of it. The World Cup is very high intensity matches every three or four days, there is no room for miracles.“Pogba therefore has two months to believe, again, in the miracle. After that, it will be too late.

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