who can take advantage of the offer? With what car? For how long ?

 who can take advantage of the offer?  With what car?  For how long ?

This was one of Anne Hidalgo’s campaign promises, taken up on her own between the two rounds of the presidential election by Emmanuel Macron: rental assistance for an electric car. In other words: a “social leasing” at 100 euros per month. Hastily incorporated into the program of the re-elected president, the measure was not particularly detailed during the campaign. Consequence: a few weeks after the election, Emmanuel Macron and his Minister for Ecological Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, have still not defined the outlines of the offer. What does this help really consist of? Who can benefit from it and for how long? The answers to these essential questions are coming in dribs and drabs, as the reflection progresses and its financing takes shape.

What is the assistance for the rental of an electric car?

As a reminder, this new incentive aims to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. It is in addition to the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus, but targets a more modest public insofar as it dispenses with an initial investment of several thousand euros.

According to the statements of the Minister, this aid would come completely from a traditional leasing offer ” to support a long-term rental “. Concretely: it is not the state that will directly rent vehicles to individuals, it will finance part of the rental directly from manufacturers or rental companies. In fact, if the vehicle is displayed at 149 euros per month for rental, the State will pay 49 euros, leaving the remaining 100 euros to be borne by the tenant. As for the initial contribution or first rent, it will be guaranteed by the Caisse des dépôts.

Who can claim the electric car at 100 euros per month?

This is THE major question concerning the device. At present, this is also the main conundrum surrounding the project. Neither the President of the Republic nor his minister has spoken on the subject, even if in broad outline, it is possible to understand that the measure will mainly target low-income households. You will probably have to take a look at your reference tax income to check your eligibility, but that’s not all. Indeed, on the side of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, it is rumored that there would also be other conditions of attribution related to age or even to profession. The objective would be to promote access to electricity for young drivers and personal assistance professions.

What car models will be available for rental?

If you dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a Model Y at low cost, you will probably have to find another trick. Rental assistance will obviously concern more modest vehicles. On the government side, we are already talking about an amount of 50 million euros in the first year with the objective of financing 100,000 contracts. After a quick calculation, state aid can be estimated at 500 euros per year and per vehicle, which greatly limits the number of eligible models.

If we look at the rates currently applied, only a handful of cars are concerned:

  • Dacia Spring (120 euros/month)
  • Fiat 500 (119 euros/month)
  • Nissan Leaf (99 euros/month)
  • Hyundai Kona (99 euros/month)

Even the essential Renault Zoé (169 euros/month) and the Peugeot e-208 (149 euros/month) seem inaccessible given the conditions mentioned.

How long will the rental be?

Generally, leasing offers include a term (between 24 and 72 months). However, if the amount of the overall envelope is a priori known, the government has not decided on the duration of its boost and by extension the period during which future tenants will benefit from a preferential rate. On the other hand, as with traditional contracts, the customer will have a choice to make at the end of his contract. Cancel the offer or buy his vehicle.

When will the offer be available?

Agnès Pannier-Runacher says she wants to speed up on this file: “ It will take a device robust enough for the French to benefit from it immediately. “. Despite her good intentions, the minister will have to respect a fairly strict schedule. The measure should a priori be included in the amending finance law which will be presented the day after the second round of the legislative elections.

Finally, even if the offer is accessible, it will probably be necessary to deal with the limited stocks of electric vehicles available and the delivery times which continue to lengthen according to the war in Ukraine and the crisis of semi- drivers.