Which DIY store open Thursday, May 26, 2022? (+ than 15 brands)

Magasin bricolage ouvert le jeudi 26 mai 2022

As you know, May 26 is a public holiday and it is quite possible that DIYers have planned to go to their favorite DIY store. You’re probably wondering if the major specialty stores will open their doors during this holiday? To find out, consult this article entitled “DIY store open on May 26, 2022” and find out if these specialized stores near you are open or closed so you don’t have to travel for nothing: Castorama, Brico Dépôt, Bricomarché, Castorama, Leroy Merlin…

4Walls May 26, 2022

The 4 walls store comes from a French company created since 1969. This brand is specialized in the manufacture of wallpapers but also in various articles of the universe of the house such as painting, furniture, curtains…

To find out your 4 walls store will be open or closed, go to https://www.4murs.com/magasins. On this page, find the store 4Walls of your choice, then discover its opening hours.

To do this, enter your address or postal code, then launch the search. Click on the store 4Walls desired, and take a look at all its schedules, including those of May 26 !

May 26, 2022

Xavier Ruel created BHV in 1856, so it’s a store that has been in place for several decades and is still as successful as ever. At the BHV, you will find articles relating to the home, DIY, clothing, jewelery and even cosmetics.

You want to do some shopping at BHV ? Do you want to go there on May 26? Before you go, see if your store BHV will be open or closed on this public holiday.

To do this, click on https://www.bhv.fr/magasins, you can see that the store will be open on May 26, 2022.

BigMat May 26, 2022

BigMat is a brand of traders who are independent in the field of building materials. We find them internationally since 1981. We therefore find in their stores building materials and tools for professionals or seasoned do-it-yourselfers.

You want to go to BigMat May 26? Check before if your store will be open or closed on this holiday.

On the page https://www.bigmat.fr/liste-des-points-de-vente/, enter your city or postal code, then select the store BigMat that interests you. Click on it and discover its opening hours.

Brico Depot May 26, 2022

The Brico Dépôt brand is a subsidiary of a British group: KingFisher and has been present in France since 1993. These stores offer materials as well as all DIY items for individuals and professionals.

You are used to going to Brico Depot to buy your DIY materials? If you want to know if your store will be open on May 26, go to the official website, https://www.bricodepot.fr/. Choose your Brico Depotthen click “See timetables”. Simple, right?
By doing this, you will notice at the bottom of the page that Brico Dépôt will be exceptionally open on May 26, 2022.

May 26, 2022

Bricoman brings together consignment stores where you will find wholesale and finishing items for professionals and individuals. Bricomans can be found in France as well as in other European countries such as Italy, Spain or Poland).

You wonder if the sign Bricoman will open its doors on May 26? Verifying this information is very simple.

On the store website https://www.bricoman.fr, click on My Store at the top right, then access all its practical information. The opening hours are clearly indicated.

Bricomarché 26 May 2022

You wish to take advantage of your day off on May 26 to go to Bricomarché ? Before you go, check if your store will be open or closed during this holiday.

To access this information, go to https://www.bricomarche.com/, “Find your store” tab at the top right. Here, search for the Bricomarché you want, then consult its card. All its schedules like those of May 26 are specified.

May 26, 2022

Bricorama is a store under the sign of Musketeers since 2018. There are more than 200 stores in France and they specialize in decoration and home furnishings.

To find your nearest Bricorama store, visit the official website, https://www.bricorama.fr/. Enter your postcode or city to easily search for it. Once found, you can access its opening hours. You will know that your Bricorama will be open on May 26th!

Castorama May 26, 2022

Castorama is a retailer that offers DIY tools and supplies. It was business manager Christian Dubois who opened the first Castorama in 1969 in Lille. The brand has become a subsidiary of Kingfisher and can be found in several European countries.

To know if the Castorama near you will open its doors on May 26, go to https://www.castorama.fr/. Click on “Find your store” at the top of the page and enter your location. Choose your Castoramaclick on “Store contact details” and discover its opening and closing times.

He is clearly indicated that your Castorama will have an exceptional opening on May 26.

May 26, 2022

In Kiloutou stores you can rent all the necessary equipment during work such as tools but also machines or vehicles. This brand has been created by Franky Mulliez since 1980 and who is none other than the son of the director of Auchan.

On https://www.kiloutou.fr/agences-ouvertes/, you can search for the Kiloutou you want. To do this, you just have to indicate the Kiloutou that interests you directly in “Search establishments”. Click on it. The schedules will be displayed automatically.
Unfortunately, it will not be possible to shop at the store as it will be closed on May 26, 2022.

May 26, 2022

The brand originally sold carpentry and then diversified into household supplies and materials. Today there are 130 stores throughout France.

On the page https://www.lapeyre.fr/tous-les-magasins, look for the store Lapeyre that you wish. Once found, click on “See the file” to discover its practical information. Times are indicated. You can also find out if your store Lapeyre will be open on May 26.
Please note that most Lapeyre stores will open their doors on May 26, 2022.

Leroy Merlin May 26, 2022

It was in 1924 that the sign Leroy Merlin is selling houses that were sold in kit form as well as building materials. The store was then called “American Stocks”. It was in 1960 that it took the name of its creators: Leroy Merlin.

To find out if your store Leroy Merlin will be open on May 26, click on https://www.leroymerlin.fr/magasins/trouvez-votre-magasin-leroy-merlin-bricolage-jardinage-decoration/. Find your store via the search bar provided on the left. Access the file of your Leroy Merlin. Then find out whether it will open on May 26, 2022.
According to the information, the sign will be open this holiday but the opening hours may be different depending on the location.

Mr Bricolage May 26, 2022

For 50 years, the Mr Bricolage brand has been present in France. It results from the union of 15 hardware stores who advocate three values: solidarity, proximity and helpfulness. You will find articles about DIY.

You want to do some shopping at Mr DIY May 26? Directly on the home page of the official website https://magasin.mr-bricolage.fr/, you can search for your store Mr DIY. Once found, consult its practical information. Click on it and discover its opening hours.

P-Point May 26, 2022

Since 1979, you can go to Point P stores. They define themselves as the leaders in sustainable habitat and there will be no less than 210 stores throughout France.

To know if the Dot.P near your home will open its doors on May 26, it’s very simple. On the page https://www.pointp.fr/nos-agences, find your agency by simply entering your address, postal code or department. Click on the Dot.P of your choice, then consult its schedules.

On our side, we looked for the Dot.P located in Lyon Vaise. We were able to discover that it will be closed on May 26th.

Weldom May 26, 2022

Weldom is a DIY store for individuals and professionals present in France since its creation in 1931. You will find gardening, decoration and DIY items of course.

In the “My store” section on https://www.weldom.fr/, enter your address or postal code. You can find the store Weldom closest to you. Then access their file.

This is where you can find out if your store Weldom will be open or closed on May 26.

Public holidays in May

Why is May 8 a public holiday?

As you know, several public holidays punctuate the month of May. Among them, therefore, there is May 8. But why is this day a holiday? What does it mean ? Explanations.

May 8 is a historic day. It refers to the May 8, 1945, the date that marks the end of World War II. It is the victory of the Allies over Nazi Germany. At 3 p.m. on May 8, 1945, the bells began to ring throughout the country and as General de Gaulle announced to the French:

The war is won. Here is the victory…

May 8 is declared as a holiday on March 2, 1953. But six years later, in 1959, General de Gaulle abolished the holiday character of May 8 in a logic of Franco-German reconciliation. It will be necessary to wait for the year 1981 and the arrival of Francois Mitterand to the presidency to have May 8 again declared a public holiday.

Every year during this day, commemorations and tributes to those who lost their lives during the war are organized. The ritual of the President of the Republic is to drive up the Avenue des Champs Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe and lay a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Why is Ascension Day a public holiday?

This year, we celebrate Ascension on May 26. This date is not the same every year because its calculation depends on Easter. However, this Ascension Day is always celebrated on a Thursday. Why ?
Because the Ascension is a Christian event that takes place 40 days after Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since the latter takes place on Sunday, the day when Christ ascends to heaven (the end of his life on earth) falls on a Thursday.

Ascension has been a public holiday in France since the time when city and country life punctuated with Christian festivals.