what happens to his daughter Lolita?

what happens to his daughter Lolita?

Renaud and his daughter Lolita in 2007. (Photo by PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP via Getty Images)

This Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Renaud will be in the spotlight on France 2 on the occasion of the “Happy Birthday Renaud” evening, organized for his 70th birthday. The opportunity to come back to the great moments in the life of the artist, and in particular the birth of his daughter, Lolita Séchan.

“Lola … I’m just a ghost when you go where I’m not. You know my kid that I’m Morgane from you”, sang Renaud in the title Morgane from you. This song, like many others, he wrote in tribute to his daughter, Lolita Séchan. Born of his relationship with his first wife, Dominique Quilichini, the girl in the spotlight of the song Mistral Gagnant has grown up well and is now 41 years old. And she knew how to make a name for herself in a field very different from that of her famous father.

An acclaimed comic book artist

Lolita Séchan studied literature far from her father, since it was in Montreal that she decided to do her higher education. She then took up writing. Not in songs, as Renaud was able to do, but in children’s books and comics. In 2006, she published her first works in Canada, and today has several publications to her credit.

Video. Renaud celebrates his 70th birthday on France 2: Great return on stage, his daughter Lolita present and proud

The latest, “Hidden or not, I’m coming”, published by Actes Sud in 2020 in collaboration with Camille Joudry, was a great success. In 2021, the book was awarded a mention at the prestigious international prize, the BolognaRagazzi Prize, in the Young Readers Comics category, at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. In 2022, the author was also hailed at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, where she exhibited her works for the very first time. In the latter, she notably tells the story of her mother, she confided to BFM TV: “I show how she leaves her family to build her life in Paris.” His dream is to be able to do the same with his famous dad: “I’ve had this project for years to tell how he left his HLM to build himself. I want to stop before he becomes an adult.”

A passion that comes to him from his father

If she did not turn to the world of song, Lolita Séchan inherited from her “Franco-Belgian comic book collector dad” a real passion for what is called the 9th art. “One day, he took Loisel’s Quest for the Time-Bird out of his library. It was a revelation.” From comics to manga, there is only one step that she took quickly: “Around 11, I started to think that I had gone around Tintin. My father did not particularly understand .” She immersed herself in this universe and scoured the bookstores in search of novelties: “I was going to take refuge there every weekend as a good little geek fan of manga.”

It must be said that Renaud has always been a passionate collector. Until the day when, out of love for his daughter, he got rid of a few coins. In 2016, he pocketed 1.4 million euros with his comics. His goal: to help his daughter, who has just separated from her companion Renan Luce. On the occasion of the sale, the singer had indeed explained: “I am no longer a collector. I do not sell to speculate. My comics accumulate, gather dust, slowly die. I will sell 200 of my 4 000 comics and a few original plates by Hergé. I am doing this to help my daughter, Lolita. She is separated from Renan Luce and this will allow her to buy back the house she shared with him.” A big boost from a father ready to do anything for his child.

Father and daughter, always accomplices

The years have passed, but the beautiful complicity that has always united Renaud and his daughter Lolita Séchan has not been marred by time, nor by the demons against which the singer is fighting. The latter can count on the unwavering support of his daughter. “He has never been happier than when Lolita was born in August 1980,” David Séchan recently confided in the columns of Paris Match. “When her daughter arrived, nothing was too good, everything was possible. Sometimes even a little too much.”

Moreover, Lolita was irritated by her father’s attitude during his divorce, and his desire to sell his comics: “The story is much more complicated. I have been fighting for years so that he keeps this collection. I don’t talk about my private life and it annoys me a little that he does. Fortunately, it’s very rare. But sometimes, when he answers questions, he doesn’t know if stop and bites his fingers afterwards.” Luckily, she didn’t hold it against him for long, and today, she’s still as close to her singer dad as ever.


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