“We’re fed up” or “we’ll wait for it” … The star’s fans shared on the new postponement of the tour

It is a proven, but also very saddened Celine Dion who appeared in a video posted on her social networks on Friday. For good reason, the singer was again forced to postpone her European tour, scheduled for this year, to 2023 for health reasons. “I’m doing the best I can to get back in shape as soon as possible,” she assured, while being fully aware of the dismay of her fans: “You must be so disappointed, discouraged to wait. »

Time begins to seem long for admirers of Celine Dion. Canceled for the first time in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these concerts were rescheduled the following year, before being postponed again due to health uncertainty. Three years of waiting can get on your nerves a little, even if we love Céline a lot… No? Solicited via a call for contributions, the readers of 20 minutes The singer’s fans were torn between understanding and irritation.

“I think that unfortunately the tour will never take place”

“It’s fed up,” Jean-Michel gets annoyed. Let her stop once and for all if she can’t sing anymore and basta! [J’ai] lost 1,000 euros for a canceled concert in Lucca, Italy in 2020 and I was never reimbursed. Sorry Celine but it’s capricious star behavior. This slight irritation is shared by Céline – not the singer, an admirer: “More than three years of waiting while I put my whole family to work to get places. A concert that we have been waiting for years and we still have to wait, why wait for September 2023 and not the beginning of 2023? “, wonders the one who is now trying to cancel her trip.

On Jessica’s side, it is rather disarray and pessimism that prevail. “I think that unfortunately the tour will never take place, I hesitated to sell my two places after the second postponement but there I will have to resolve myself. For Nicolas, the definitive cancellation of these dates could be a wise decision. “Once again she postpones… and less than a month before the resumption of the tour!, notes our reader. Shouldn’t she just cancel this world tour that started in 2019 and doesn’t really make sense anymore? She asks and rests seriously the time it takes and then she will come back. The most important thing is that she comes back in shape… The stage can wait! »

“She should end her career and focus on her health”

Among our readers, many are concerned about the health of the Quebecoise. In October, Celine Dion had already had to cancel the concerts of her new show in Las Vegas, for medical reasons. “I have to focus on my health to quickly get better… I want to get out of it as quickly as possible”, assured the singer who suffered from “severe and persistent muscle spasms”. These ailments persist, she revealed on Friday: “My doctors follow me. I receive treatments. (…) Recovery takes much longer than I thought. “Faced with these problems, our reader Emmanuelle sees only one solution: “She should end her career and focus on her health and her family. »

A little less radical, our reader who calls himself Boulet hopes that the artist gets back on his feet. “I am of course sad that Celine Dion is postponing her tour again, but I prefer that she be in top form on stage”, explains this “fan since 1995”. An understanding that Suzanne also demonstrates. “I’ve been waiting for three years but she has health concerns, it’s like us when we’re on sick leave,” she explains. So it is better that she recovers hoping that next year will be the good one. »

“She will always be there for her audience and us for her”

For Aurélie, who is “so eager” to see Céline again, it’s only a postponement. “Always there when she comes to Paris, so impatient, I am disappointed and sad but health above all. We’ll wait for her and when she comes, we’ll show her that we’re still here. It was the concert of the year 2022, it will be that of the year 2023, ”she says optimistically. “Céline will come back to us in even better shape in 2023. Admittedly with one more year, but she will always be there for her audience and us for her”, agrees Catherine.

It is certain that between Céline and her fans, it is a long love story. Some are therefore ready to wait the time it will take to find their idol. “She is a sensational artist who marked her era, and who knows how to transmit her emotions and her love to her audience, writes Yulian. His video was very moving, as a fan I had tears in my eye, like when he first came back on stage after René’s death. She has to take the time to take care of herself, she is also a voice athlete and a professional, we imagine her medically very well surrounded. Four years will have passed between the purchase of tickets and the 2023 concert, there will be immense emotion in the hall, more than 30,000 people in communion with Céline, it is well worth waiting a little longer! »