War in Ukraine: “plane of the Apocalypse”, nuclear missiles … what Vladimir Putin plans for the May 9 parade

War in Ukraine:

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This Monday, as the war in Ukraine still rages, the world will be watching Red Square for the May 9 military parade. In the meantime, preparations for this show of force by the Russian army are going well.

Russia carried out this Saturday, May 7, final rehearsals before the traditional May 9 military parade in Moscow. Celebrating victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, tomorrow’s event will be mostly a show of Russian power as the Ukraine campaign struggles, to put it mildly, to translate into victory. military. All eyes will obviously be on Vladimir Putin to determine the future strategy of the master of the Kremlin to get out of the quagmire in which his troops are mired.

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After having failed at the gates of kyiv in the face of Ukrainian forces more motivated than expected and armed by the West, the Russian general staff had to revise its objectives downwards by tightening the offensive on the east and south of the country. . Alas, three months after the invasion of the country, Moscow is still trying to claim a convincing victory.

“The plane of the Apocalypse” in the Moscow sky

In recent years, the Russian president, who is due to deliver a highly anticipated speech, has used the May 9 parade, a spectacular event with polished television production, to show off the power of his army, sometimes unveiling new ultramodern weapons. This edition should be no exception to the rule: at the rehearsal, paratroopers who participated in the offensive in Ukraine marched on armored vehicles, and should therefore be present during the parade.

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ud83dudd38Video of the preparation of the Russian Armed Forces for the “Victory Day” parade on May 9 in Moscow. pic.twitter.com/qT3OFmEbfc

— (Little) Think Tank (@L_ThinkTank) May 5, 2022

At the podium, the Russian president will have a new opportunity to send warnings, while Moscow has repeatedly brandished the nuclear threat. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the “plane of the Apocalypse”, an Ilyushin Il-80 specially designed to allow the Russian president to continue to pilot the country from the air in the event of nuclear war, will fly over Red Square.

Several weapons that can fire nuclear missiles, such as the Iars RS-24 intercontinental ballistic system and the shorter-range Iskander system, will also be paraded.

Moscow’s Red Square: Victory Day parade rehearsal on May 9.
To celebrate Victory Day, military parades will take place in 28 Russian cities, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Sevastopol… pic.twitter.com/tujYPhhCwk

— Paul Ponsard (@paul_ponsard) May 5, 2022

Vladimir Putin will also want to forget the loss of the cruiser Moskva, his flagship in the Black Sea, which sank last month. Worse, yesterday, the Ukrainian army claimed to have destroyed the Serna, a Russian landing ship 26 meters long, near the small island of Serpents, still in the Black Sea.

Russia: Military planes fly over Moscow during a rehearsal of the Victory Parade

A rehearsal for the Victory Day (May 9) flypast took place in Moscow on Wednesday May 4. A total of 11,000 soldiers, 131 weapons and equipment and 77 aircraft were pic.twitter.com/Vf5LWRxHR7

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This year, the military parade will also be held in a context where many Russians fear a general mobilization in connection with Ukraine. For now, the Kremlin has denied that such a measure was planned.