very tense explanation between Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau, who refuses to debate with her (VIDEO)

very tense explanation between Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau, who refuses to debate with her (VIDEO)

The tension was at its peak on the set of Do not touch My TV this Wednesday, April 27. The planned settling of accounts between Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau has worsened. So much so that the columnist refused to continue the discussion.

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By taking the side of Marine Le Pen in the middle of the presidential election, Delphine Wespiser caused a real outcry. Following this position, the columnist of Do not touch My TV was excluded from the C8 talk show in order to respect the channel’s speaking time. But the controversy had no effect on the summer job of the former Miss France. The production of Fort Boyard confirmed that they did not intend to sideline the one who plays the double character of Blanche and Rouge. But in the ranks of TPMPa colleague of the former beauty queen would have liked the latter to be more severely punished. Matthew Delormeau considered that she should have been ousted from the game of France 2, comparing her to Dieudonné, condemned on multiple occasions for incitement to discrimination, hatred or racial violence. Gathered on the set of Do not touch My TV this Wednesday, April 27, the two columnists tried to explain themselves. In vain…

Delphine Wespiser settles accounts with Matthieu Delormeau

It all started with a long speech by Delphine Wespiser, who said all the bad things she thought of the host of TPMP People : “Matthew is poison incarnate, I think he must have a real discomfort deep inside him to spread so much hatred around him. Matthieu dreams of being an actor. I think he thought he could take my place (in Fort Boyard, Ed) if I got fired. Bad luck, I’m not fired! Try for next year. You make me pity. There are two things you love: money and yourself“, she lets go. The former Miss France also claims to have contacted lawyers who told her that she could file a complaint against her colleague for defamation and public insult.. On the set of C8, the atmosphere is icy. But the 30-year-old is not done: “He is ready to do anything for the buzz. He could sell his father and mother for the buzz!“, she is indignant. And this invective will sign a point of no return.

“I don’t want to argue with you”

With his face extinguished, Matthieu Delormeau refuses to dialogue with his opponent: “Cyril, I’m going to stop there, it’s grotesque. She insults my mother who is no longer there. I have poison in me, I’m a piece of shit. I thought there would be a little substantive debate. I will stop there. I don’t want to argue with you. Discuss with others. End of the story.“If the former host of NRJ12 refuses to debate with the companion of Roger Erhart, the latter still has things to say:”Someone who has a minimum of respect would never have compared me to Dieudonné when I was crying in front of my TV“, she says, explaining that she was very saddened by the criticism circulating on social networks. Despite the cries of the public to encourage a kiss that would seal a reconciliation, the columnist remains closed. “Not this evening“, he breathes, before asking Cyril Hanouna to arrange not to end up in the same shows as his new enemy. Bad luck, they will comment on the news together in tomorrow’s issue. The settling of accounts could well continue, even if, for the moment, the two TV experts seem irreconcilable.

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