Urgent recall in France of this potentially dangerous product for health, at Carrefour, it is chocolate bars


This is a new product recall launched by the government site Rappel Conso. Lots of chocolate and ham marketed by Carrefour must be returned because of a risk for consumption! In addition, product recalls are issued every day in France. On Tuesday September 21, the reminder.conso.gouv.fr site identified several non-consumable products. These are chocolate bars containing pebbles and packets of ham contaminated with Listeria bacteria sold by the brand mentioned above! Want to know more? Find us in the following lines for more details! To your readings!

Carrefour: Avoid consuming this batch of chocolate bars!

The presence of three allergenic ingredients was detected in several batches of dark and milk chocolate bars from the Carrefour brand, then relayed by the site reminder.conso.gouv.fr. The first affected product is called ” dark chocolate sichuan pepper lace crepe“. The latter is also marketed on the shelves of the French giant between 02/15/22 to 06/02/2022.

The lots L2035A of this 80 gram chocolate bar are affected by this recall, the date of minimum durability of which is set for June 28, 2022. Customers who have purchased these products are invited to return them to the Carrefour store for a refund or to destroy them ! Know that the presence of allergenic substances in this food is extremely harmful to our health. Apart from its tasty taste, it is always best to consume a healthy diet.

What if you purchased the affected product?

The shareable product is a “dark 72% poo, 80 g” chocolate bar from the Carrefour brand. Due risk of injury/consequences at the request of this product, it is recommended, as a precautionary measure, that people handling products belonging to the group(s) described in this poster do not consume them. The government’s website has also highlighted this information everywhere, including in particular on its social networks!

Moreover, they therefore encourage its consumers to return the product concerned to the store Crossroads. Finally, you can get your money back! That said, the consumption of this 80 gram chocolate bar is strongly discouraged. Especially for people prone to allergies. And since the presence of allergens contained in this food has not been mentioned, those who are intolerant to barley, wheat, milk or gluten are asked to bring it back to the store!

Carrefour: this other product not to be consumed!

The salmonella is responsible for serious food poisoning. It is therefore strongly recommended not to consume products contaminated with this bacterium. Consequently, Carrefour is launching a recall operation for two batches of sausages. A campaign broadcast by the government site, Rappel Conso.

Even if the sun invites you to have a good aperitif, avoid these sausages. Salmonella detected in batches of Beaufort dry sausages can cause serious health problems. Carrefour also undertakes to reimburse all those who have purchased the products affected by this recall campaign. Furthermore, these foods in question were produced by the Ogier factory. They are sold in plastic packages with an orange and black label. The expiry date indicated on the first batch was July 18, 2022. As for the second batch, it should be able to be stored until July 19.