Urgent ! Death in Love is in the meadow after a car accident.

 Urgent !  Death in Love is in the meadow after a car accident.

One of the main candidates of Love is in the meadow has made surprising revelations. The latter would have tragically lost one of his companions.

Jean-Michel Claveau (ADP) still single. For several years, Karine Le Marchand has been helping single farmers find that rare pearl in L’amour est dans le pré. If Pierre and Frédérique are still in love, some candidates were not so lucky. This is the case of Jean-Michel, who marked season 6 of the M6 ​​show.

The former cow breeder fell in love with Nathalie on the show and invited her to the farm. Unfortunately, when he already saw himself as a couple, the suitor chose to put an end to their story. The latter had retorted that she wanted to be a simple friend for him.

A hard blow that shook Jean-Michel, who chained the misadventures. Present in TPMP People, Jean-Michel Claveau explained that he is still single. If he lived a few stories, the farmer, who experienced major financial problems, especially had to deal with the tragic death of one of his exes.

One of his ex dies tragically

Since the end of Love is in the meadow, Jean-Michel Claveau of Love is in the meadow has experienced several love disappointments. I had daughters, but I don’t want the press to know about it. I live the hidden love, he declared to Matthieu Delormeau. However, the man who thought about suicide said he lost one of his exes in an accident.

After living with a woman for two years, he met another person. If their story ended quickly, Jean-Michel came out marked by this relationship.

Afterwards, I met a girl who died in a car in Clermont-Ferrand. After, I had adventures, and then that’s it, he said in TPMP.

Faced with these many misadventures, Jean-Michel of Love is in the meadow no longer actively seeks love. I would love to, but I’m taking my time, he said. Hopefully the former farmer will eventually find the right person!

The former candidate of Love is in the meadow was diagnosed ill: her daily life was turned upside down

The former candidate of Love is in the meadow is not well. On May 12, 2022, Stephanie revealed on Instagram that she was suffering from an illness. The daily life of Hervé’s companion is therefore often disrupted.

Since she was revealed in Love is in the pre 2021 (M6), Stéphanie regularly gives news on social networks. If usually, Hervé’s companion shares her happiness to be with the man she loves, it is sad news that she announced to her Instagram community on May 12, 2022.

Love is in the meadow in shock

Stephanie posted a photo of herself smiling in front of a highway sign. But in reality, the former candidate of M6 is not in the mood to party.

Today I’m not in great shape, I have vertigo again, tinnitus, hearing loss in my left ear and especially great fatigue.

I realize that I will have to live with this disease, can we read in legend. A disease she had never talked about before.

But one of her subscribers was able to slip in a word about the disease from which she suffers. We thus learn that Stéphanie has Ménière’s disease, a chronic disease of the organ of balance. It is related to a dysfunction of the fluid pressure balance of the inner ear.

Stéphanie was able to count on the support of her subscribers in this ordeal. A person advised him to undergo vestibular rehabilitation with a physiotherapist specialized in this field. This advice has also been shared by other subscribers and she may well follow it.

There is no doubt that the young woman is also supported by Hervé, whom she met in Love is in the meadow. As soon as the speed-dating stage was over, the feeling passed between the cow breeder and the nurse’s aide.

Love is in the meadow

If the latter hesitated for a time between his other suitor Vanessa and her, he finally gave in to the evidence. And since then, they flow happy days. A couple for a year now, they hope together to start a family and get married. We wish them good luck !