Ukraine, United Kingdom or Sweden, here are the favorites for victory

Ukraine, United Kingdom or Sweden, here are the favorites for victory

From our special correspondent in Turin (Italy)

Who will succeed the Måneskins and their song Zitti and Buoni on the Eurovision Song Contest? The answer will fall after midnight, on the night of Saturday to Sunday. In the meantime, the predictions are going well and 20 minutes got caught up in the game. Here are our predictions for the Top 5.

After suffering a cruel double 0 scored by the public and the juries last year, our British neighbors could experience an opposite scenario in Turin and make a raid of 12 points. Their hopes are pinned on TikTok star Sam Ryder, where he has more than 12 million subscribers – a solid base of potential supporters. His song, space man, allows him to deploy his full vocal range, with a power equaling his sympathetic face. This power ballad in any case has everything to conquer European radio stations.

Great favorites among bookmakers, who estimate their chances of victory at nearly 60%, the group Kalush Orchestra could offer Ukraine its third trophy in the competition, after those gleaned in 2004 and 2016. The song, Stefaniaat the crossroads of hip-hop and folkloric sounds is at the top of the basket of this edition, but if it comes to impose itself, its qualities will undoubtedly be eclipsed by the symbolic dimension of this Ukrainian triumph.

Two victories and six other Top 10 in the last ten editions: Sweden is a stronghold of Eurovision. Always keep an eye out for her when talking about favorites. With Hold Me Closeran emotional pop ballad, sung by its writer, the charismatic Cornelia Jakobs and her scratchy voice, the Scandinavian country seems to have the perfect package this year to equal Ireland’s record of victories in the contest in picking up his seventh trophy.

A duo disguised as yellow wolves, flanked by a DJ in a golden astronaut suit… The Subwoofers are the kind of proposals that we only see at Eurovision. The concept is wacky, but not ridiculous – well, ok, it is possible to feel shivers of unease when the two wags chain the “yum yum” (“yum yum”). Give That Wolf a Banana is an effective electro-pop song, which stays in the head and makes you want to dance: it’s good spirit, it puts a smile on your face and it relaxes the atmosphere. We can easily imagine the children adoring and imploring their parents to vote for this title.

To complete our Top 5, we could have mentioned Italy, Spain or Greece, which the bookmakers place in the winning quinté, but let’s dare to make a bolder prognosis by betting on In Corpore Sano. This song in Serbian (and in Latin) deals with hygiene and evokes the fate of artists in Serbia who do not benefit from social security coverage. Konstrakta sings while washing his hands: there is something intriguing and captivating in this performance which hooks the audience with the gimmick of handclaps during the chorus.