Tribute from Nikos, in tears for his friend Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny

Nikos Aliagas and Florent Pagny have maintained a friendship that has lasted for more than two decades. So, when the Franco-Greek presenter learned the news of the singer’s illness, he did not fail to send him a vibrant tribute.

Nikos Aliagas, a PAF icon

Since he hosted “Star Academy”, Nikos has risen to the rank of the most famous presenters of French television. The animator has nearly thirty years of career behind him. If his Greek origins are currently common knowledge, few people know that he never lived in Greece. Even if he has always lived in France, this son of an immigrant only had French nationality once he reached majority.

Nikos Aliagas speaks five different languages. This allowed him to join the continuous news channel Euronews in 1993. Five years later, he became known to the general public thanks to Union Libre, a program by Christine Bravo.

The consecration came in the early 2000s when he presented a new concept on television. The “Star Academy” propelled him to the rank of star of the small screen, at the same rank as Jenifer, the first winner of tele-hook.

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Seven years later, Nikos Aliagas hosts other shows including “50 minutes inside” alongside Sandrine Quétier. From 2012, the father of little Nikolaos presented The Voice, a TV show that took the place of “Star Academy” on TF1. Like the shows he hosts, Nikos has become the goose that lays the golden eggs of the first channel.

Florent Pagny’s fight against the disease

The interpreter of knowing how to love suffers from an inoperable tumor of the lung. The artist also announced the sad news on social networks in January 2022. It was a blow for the 60-year-old singer. Far from giving up, Florent Pagny follows a treatment based on chemotherapy and X-rays in the hope of overcoming the evil that is eating away at him.

Despite the fact that he is sick, the husband of Azucena Caamaño surprised everyone by making an appearance during the special evening United for Ukraine, broadcast on France 2. The least we can say, is that he has changed physically. The singer has gone completely bald from his treatment.

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According to our colleagues from the public magazine, his “five centimeter tumor which had lodged in his lungs has already shrunk by half”. This is more than encouraging progress. A sign that his treatment is bearing fruit.

In appearance, the native of Chalon-sur-Saône does not seem to suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy. Although he suffers from chronic fatigue, he is not prone to vomiting. He has always kept his appetite. To believe that the worst is over, let’s hope he recovers.

Nikos and Florent Pagny: a long-standing friendship

Even if we saw them rubbing shoulders on the sets of The Voice, the friendship of Nikos Aliagas and Florent Pagny goes back more than two decades. During his television debut, TF1 entrusted the reins of his new show to Nikos.

The new concept has revolutionized television. The French were conquered by this program which mixes reality TV and TV-hook. Even reality TV was a new thing at that time, since France had discovered it a year earlier with “Loft Story”.

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Florent Pagny was the sponsor of the first edition of the “Star Academy”. Jenifer was also the big winner. Since that time, Nikos Aliagas and Florent Pagny maintained a certain complicity until they met twenty years later in “The Voice”. Jenifer and Nolwenn Leroy, who were both coaches in The Voice, are also former winners of the “Star Academy”.

It was with enormous shock that Nikos Aliagas learned the news about his friend and collaborator’s illness.

“Florent is a friend, he was the godfather of Star Ac”, he was always there and I have never forgotten him. The only thing I wish for him is to end this story. We are all by his side, ”said Nikos during a documentary on TMC.

He even sent a message to his old friend saying:

“We love you Florent”.