Traces left by military maneuvers on Cluny beach

Traces left by military maneuvers on Cluny beach

Bitter observation by associations for the preservation of the environment, on the beach of Cluny, in Sainte-Rose: the passage of the soldiers, during the major exercise “Caribbean 2022” for prevention of hurricane risk, carried out at the end of the week, left tracks. And that’s an understatement! However, the site has been the subject of actions to protect sea turtles and to fight against the phenomenon of coastal erosion for several months.

During the week, the army organized a life-size exercise to rescue post-hurricane victims.

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In this context, a ship operated the landing of hundreds of soldiers, on the beach of Cluny (also known as Clugny), in Sainte-Rose. This military maneuver caused some damage to the environment, due to the passage of machinery and the trampling of reforested areas.

The fact is that the chosen site is known to be sensitive.

Indeed, actions of fight are carried out there, in particular by the schoolchildren of the commune, to stop the double phenomenon of erosion of the littoral and retreat of the coastline.

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But to facilitate the passage of heavy machinery, it is possible that enclosures have been torn out and then reinstalled.

Primary school students in Ste-Rose had set up forest regeneration enclosures.

©Eric Stimpfling – Guadeloupe The 1st

Moreover, this beach is known to be a nesting place for sea turtles. It should therefore be preserved. A task to which associations, but also the Conservatoire du littoral and the National Forestry Office (ONF), are working, which raise public awareness, observe the animals and protect the eggs, if necessary.

But here it is: the trucks have compacted the sand, surveying the beach. So much so that the surface has been considerably hardened.

Thus, if eggs are buried there, the young will not be able to rise to the surface.
As for the females, they will not have the strength to dig in order to lay eggs.

The traces left by the military machines are clearly visible.

The traces left by the military machines are clearly visible.

©Eric Stimpfling – Guadeloupe The 1st

The army, however, claims to have taken precautions:

For several months, the armed forces in the West Indies have been working in collaboration with the State services, on the scenario of the CARAÏBES 2022 exercise. The latter includes the dispatch to the disaster area (Guadeloupe) of equipment, vehicles and reinforcements humans, was developed with the DEAL, the ONF, the Conservatoire du littoral, the National Park of Guadeloupe and environmental protection associations. Following these exchanges, the eastern area of ​​Clugny beach was favored by all to respect the ecosystem and in particular the nesting area of ​​the sea turtles identified in Clugny West. Before landing these reinforcements from the sea, all checks were carried out to verify the absence of a nest. Following the last passages, the beach has been completely cleaned. The FAA have also modified the landing zones for aircraft, to respect the nesting sites of protected bird species. CARIBBEAN 2022, which ends today, has met a single objective: to be collectively ready to face the hurricane season which is beginning. All state and non-state actors have expressed their satisfaction at having conducted together an exercise that prepares us to help the population after the passage of a cyclone.

Communication service of the Armed Forces in the West Indies

Contacted, the ONF and the Conservatoire du littoral were unable to answer our questions on this subject.