Top 17 iPod memories that we all have (yes it still existed)

Top 17 iPod memories that we all have (yes it still existed)

It’s the end of an era: Apple announced the end of the iPod after 20 years of existence. The mp3 player we all had, available in many different models, will no longer exist. Well, it’s far from being a tragedy since everyone listens to their music on their phone via Spotify, Deezer and company, but it still makes us feel a little heartbroken. It’s because we’ve experienced things with iPods. Very nice things.

1. When you had to install iTunes on your PC just to fill up your iPod

You downloaded it from the wrong site and caught your first computer virus. Good game.

2. When every new model caught your eye

” What ? They released an iPod Nano 2? But why don’t I have it?? »

3. When you hit the 2GB limit and had to start making tough choices about which song to sacrifice

“Well, does Larusso still deserve to stay on my iPod? I do not think so. »

4. When you were jealous of your friend who had the iPod Classic with 40 GB of storage

Ok the thing was the size and weight of a brick but at least he didn’t need to delete his Larusso songs to add new albums.

5. When you were listening to Creep on the school bus and felt too much like a tortured artist

Looking out the window with a deep look, of course.

6. Badly downloaded songs that cut in the middle and you never took the time to get off your iPod

“But I’m a creeeeeeeeeep, I’m a weiiii”

That’s all.

7. Watching a movie on the train on a 1 inch screen

And the worst part is that you thought it was super stylish.

8. The screenless iPod Shuffle where you had to remember the order of songs

It made your memory work and it is surely thanks to this skill that you obtained your baccalaureate.

9. The Fucking Folder Browsing

You had to go through “artist” and then “album” just to find a song you liked. We had time to waste at the time.

10. Illegal music downloads

We have never loved eMule and LimeWire so much.

11. When you asked yourself “what is a Podcast”?

It was displayed in the menu of iPods, but we didn’t really know the principle at the time. If we had known that 15 years later everyone would only be talking about that…

12. The frenzied games of Fruit Ninja on your iPod Touch

The first iPod on which you could put apps. A revolution. At last…

13. When you got the iPod Touch while your friends had an iPhone

Well yeah, that was the problem with the iPod Touch: it came out 3 months after the first iPhone. So it wasn’t of much interest.

14. The little “click click” when you were scrolling through the music

It was very pleasing to the ear. It feels like the best sound designers on the planet worked on it.

15. Jailbreak tutorials too boring to be able to have banned apps on your iPod Touch

You never got it, and you ended up letting a friend install them for you. He took the opportunity to play a joke on you and add “Long live the big boobs” in your playlist. We knew how to laugh back then.

16. When you changed the language of your friend’s iPod to make a funny joke

Plus life is so much nicer in Dutch.

17. When you never had an iPod, but as soon as you touched one, you played with the wheel, which was still classy

You just had a rotten old MP3 player/USB key. And you resented your parents. Because you were a bit silly. We’ve all been there.