Top 10 of the worst filth to be done between camp leaders, to set the mood for the fifth

Top 10 of the worst filth to be done between camp leaders, to set the mood for the fifth

Among all the camp animators’ secrets, there are these little pranks that the anims often make to each other to bond the team and decompress, in secret from the children. It must be said that by managing dozens of kids 16 hours in a row, it is almost necessary. So here are the great classics of whore shots between animators, whether you have already suffered them or are preparing them for your upcoming camps. Small warning, however: we do not forget to be sure that the targets are ok with this filth and that it will not lead to the atmosphere or become hazing, nor have any repercussions on the safety of children. Just sayin, now enjoy?!

1. Put a bouillon cube in the shower

Obviously, this only works if the animators do not wash in the common showers of the campsite or in the same showers as the children. But it’s a good classic and the chicken broth is 100% recommended if the canteen isn’t great.

2. Stash a moist camembert on top of a cupboard

All the tastier to make when it’s a summer camp and it’s around 45°C in the rooms. To make the troll work better, hide the cheese as high as possible behind or under something. And do that in a different room than where you sleep, of course.

3. Put pearls under his co-worker’s duvet before going to bed

If you’re in a camp with a good supply of gear, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding small pearls to spread at the bottom of your victim’s bed as soon as his back is turned. Small precision: it is necessary on the other hand to verify that one has indeed removed the needles used to make bracelets before spreading his diabolical plan under the quilt of his colleague. It may tingle a little otherwise (no, no I’ve never made that mistake, don’t think so…).

4. Flip the mattress or make a wraparound bed

If you only have two and a half minutes to piss off an animal before it finds out about your diabolical plan, go for a good family mattress flip (turning the scary stuff out first if there is any). If you’re open bar time-wise (like, your first break of the week), then an authentic wraparound bed will be just the ticket. Also achievable, exceptionally, on children’s beds if the management has put its thumb up.

5. Put salt in the coffee

What better way to wake up a colleague at 7 a.m. than a fleur de sel coffee? Never known anything so delicious, I’m telling you.

6. Replace hydroalcoholic gel with lubricant

A little less obvious now that the Covid has passed, but this prank is a nugget if one of the anims still uses hydro gel (and in particular their own bottle). Don’t do that in the common 1L pot before the kids go climbing though. Just to let you know.

7. Put some chilli powder on the rim of an animal’s glass.

If no one on your team is allergic to chilli and you don’t empty the jar on the glass, this little antics should do you good golri. Afterwards, don’t forget to wash your hands well before rubbing your eyes, otherwise you will be the spicy pepper and it will be really good for you.

8. Roll out rolls of PQ all over a room

Don’t go wasting 72 rolls either, but if you feel like Stéphane Plaza in House for sale, you can always redecorate your colleagues’ room with a nice PQ to put wherever you want. Ideal for rooms with bunk beds.

9. Put whipped cream or shaving cream in socks

If your target is the type to drag his socks all over the place before shoving them on his toes, you can go merrily on whipped cream or shaving foam (as long as they are not silk socks at 2,500 balls). If your co-worker is instead keeping his socks tucked away and you’re in a teasing mood, here are the instructions: a small dose on one side of his sweet face, a feather-like tickle thing to get your sleepy co-worker to shove his hand right in and presto, voila.

10. Pour a bottom of water on a chair

If you want to become the children’s favorite animator, here is the ultimate tip: troll your colleague by putting a little water on his chair at the cantoche before he sits down. The children, accomplices in this deception, will bang their best bars when they see your colleague’s wet ass and you will have won a place in their hearts forever.

Anyway, when you’re an animator, you laugh as you can because it’s clearly not the salary that will make us smile. The Ministry of Youth, we are talking to you!!