Thomas Chisholm (Top Chef) stabbed: his relatives give his news in a cash update

Thomas Chisholm (Top Chef) stabbed: his relatives give his news in a cash update

Stabbed in Paris on the night of Sunday May 15 to Monday May 16, Thomas Chisholm, Top Chef 2021 candidate, was taken to hospital in serious condition. His restaurant team posted an update on Instagram.

The drama continues for Thomas Chisholm. The former candidate top chef 2021 was stabbed on the night of Sunday May 15 to Monday May 16, in Paris. According to information from France info, the 30-year-old young man who participated in the culinary festival Taste of Paris at the Grand Palais, was taken to hospital, victim of several stab wounds. A dispute would have broken out between several individuals, specifies La Dépêche. The suspect was stopped shortly after the events in the Passage de Gergovie, in the 14th arrondissement.

According to Franceinfo, the vital prognosis of the Franco-American leader is no longer engaged. This is also confirmed by the team of his restaurant, the Chocho, located in the 10th arrondissement of the capital. In a message posted on Instagram, the employees of Thomas Chisholm assure that the cook is no longer in danger and deny the information according to which one of their colleagues would be involved. However, they cannot provide more details on the case, an investigation is underway: “We cannot release details of the case to date, which are a matter of police work.“, they explain. And however to invite Internet users not to peddle unverified information.

Thomas Chisholm’s attacker is 19

According to 20 Minutes, the attacker is a 19-year-old young man. The latter would have taken part in a brawl, which would have first broken out around one o’clock in the morning this Monday, May 16, between two individuals – probably alcoholic according to a police report consulted by our colleagues from RTL – then concerned a dozen people. Injured in the back of the thigh, Thomas Chisholm was in serious condition when he was taken care of by the firefighters and the doctors of the SMUR of the Necker hospital. After fleeing, the attacker of the candidate for the 12th season of Top Chef was arrested by police officers who were waiting for him outside his home. In his hands, a t-shirt stained with traces of blood. Unknown to police, he was not carrying a weapon on him, and is now in police custody in the 15th arrondissement. An investigation for attempted manslaughter has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office.


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