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Sylvie Tellier : cette énième polémique dont elle serait bien passée !

Whether Sylvie Tellier is going badly or well, she tells the fans. At the moment, she is going through the trials. This departure is the last straw!

Sylvie Tellier half fig, half grape!

Better than anyone, Sylvie Tellier masters the backstage of the Miss France election. Indeed, just after Elodie Gossuin, she puts on the scarf and wears the crown wonderfully. While others would like to do TV or radio, she then decides to devote herself fully to it. Having become a member of the management committee, she fell in love with Geneviève de Fontenay. Very quickly, the two women realize that they are not on the same wavelength. In fact, the quarrels are so difficult to manage internally that the lady in the Hat takes serious distances with Endemol and his former protegee.

Taking advantage of this tsunami, the latter does everything to reach the post of president. For the founder’s wife, it’s the last straw that made this vase overflow, full to the brim. Rest assured, that does not prevent him from speaking regularly. Far from being mute, with each coronation, she finds something to complain about. And don’t count on her to come for the centenary! While she seemed perfectly at ease in this mission, it could well be that Sylvie Tellier has radically different projects for 2023…

Sylvie Tellier on the start?

For the moment, Sylvie Tellier denies the rumors circulating on her account. Nobody kicked him out. As proof, she continues to accompany the defending champion on all her trips in France. It’s not always easy to reach out to fans. During her tenure, Amandine Petit had to face criticism. How is it that she continued her tour of France when we were in full confinement? Anxious to wash the honored of his protege, the wife of Camille Le Maux had come to his aid.

But then, what will Sylvie Tellier do if she leaves the Miss France committee? His sidekick Jean-Pierre Foucault did not deign to respond to this hallway noise. More and more sources claim that she would take the reins of the star Academy. Yes, yes, you are not dreaming… After two decades of absence, Nikos Aliagas’ famous tele-hook returns to the screen. At the house of Objeko, we suspected a little. The series of documentaries, the reunion of the elders, all of this was not insignificant. Admittedly, we are only at the phase of recruiting candidates. But who knows, maybe by settling in Dammarie-Les-Lys she will do better than Alexia Larouche-Joubert in her time? To support her, she can count on the unwavering support of her brother-in-law, Jean-Pascal Lacoste. And yes, again, it’s not really a coincidence since it was the disruptive element of the first season in 2001!

A great lady is leaving…

Before confirming or not his presence in the musical program of TF1, Sylvie Tellier has a bleeding heart. Forever invested in the association The Good Fairies, she never failed to speak of the latter. At Objeko, we remember that in June 2021, she managed to overcome her fears of insects in order to raise funds in Fort Boyard. Hat !

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) sylvietellier

On her Instagram account, Sylvie Tellier is like a big sister to her subscribers. When she’s not taking pictures of Miss France on the go, she gets involved in a good cause. The disappearance of one of its members is a cataclysm from which it is unable to recover. The legend of his story can not leave any fan indifferent. ” It was a month ago, yesterday, and yet you lost your fight against this filthy disease… We will miss you so much Natacha”.

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) sylvietellier

Immediately afterwards, we understand the evil that took away his precious collaborator. We totally agree with her. All generations combined, this pathology still wreaks havoc. Provided that we quickly find a solution to help the sick to get out of it without leaving too many feathers! In the meantime, as soon as we know a little more about Sylvie Tellier’s professional future on TF1, we’ll keep you posted, of course! Let her not. No matter his final decision, his fans will never hold it against him. The rest is therefore in the next issue ofObjeko!