Thierry Ardisson returns to the failure of “Hôtel du temps”

«J’ai été déçu, même abattu»: Thierry Ardisson revient sur l’échec d’«Hôtel du temps»

The first issue of its creation attracted only 1.4 million viewers, or 6.8% audience share. A score that particularly affected the man in black.

At the beginning of May, Thierry Ardisson made his return to television with “Hôtel du temps”. A totally new concept during which the host interviews deceased personalities. For the first issue, broadcast on France 3, the man in black retraced the life of Dalida by telling her about the key moments of her career and certain more personal events such as the death of her great love Luigi Tenco in 1967, her relationship with François Mitterrand and even his own suicide.

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A post-mortem interview carried out within the Le Meurice palace in Paris and made possible thanks to a very popular technology at the moment but often decried: the “deepfake”. Yet, despite a strong promotional campaign, the show failed to pique viewers’ curiosity. Indeed, they were only 1.4 million, or 6.8% of audience share, to discover this novelty. A few hours earlier, on the set of “C à vous” on France 5, Thierry Ardisson had advanced: “If I do 7, I’m a piece of shit. If I do ten, I’m the king of the world. If I do 12, I’m a demi-god”.

Asked by our colleagues from Parisian the host returned to this failure. “Even if it is in the middle of the box, this low audience has affected me terribly. I was disappointed, even dejected. I put so much energy into this project.he said before emphasizing: “Yet we had a rave press which spoke of a program “bluffing”, “innovative”, “moving”. On the evening of the broadcast, 85% of tweets were favorable. We have 500,000 more viewers at the end of the show. People who saw it liked it. Internally, the Qualimat is also high”. According to Thierry Ardisson, the problem certainly comes from the fact that he has “badly sold the thing”. “The public, who saw me doing interviews for thirty-five years, believed that I was interviewing Dalida for an hour and a half, whereas it is a documentary stuffed with archives, a biopic”he added.

“Cyril Hanouna is on duty to knock me out”

Thierry Ardisson

Despite everything, “Hôtel du temps” will be entitled to a sequel. “The day after the broadcast, I called Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez [directeur des programmes et des antennes de France Télévisions, NDR] to ask him to stop. He replied that it was out of the question, that he wanted another number with Coluche, before Gabin. We’re shooting it in September. We know what needs to be corrected. It will work better. We also have keys to sell the program abroad. I left like in 40. I’m used to taking trains in the face. Hard knocks, I have known them all my career”assured Thierry Ardisson.

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The day after the launch of “Hotel du temps”, Cyril Hanouna had not been kind to the man in black. “Thierry Ardisson, the lesson giver of French television took a lesson, it will be difficult for him to get up after that. […] It’s an interview of a dead person, how can you tell yourself that it will work? This is where you see the guy is completely off the mark. What world does he live in? […] I texted him this morning: ‘Now I think you’re going to shut your big mouth., had swung the live host of “Do not touch my post!” on C8.

Invectives which did not surprise Thierry Ardisson. “He is on duty to knock me out. It will not escape anyone that Vincent Bolloré was ordered to pay me 5 million euros after my ousting from C8.recalled the 73-year-old host. “Contrary to their position during the procedure, Hanouna said in the “TPMP” that he devoted to me: “We did well to get rid of him”. Hanouna is the voice of his master. […] Cyril couldn’t stand me saying his show was ‘vulgar’.he added.

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