these new Mini LED TVs are already 15% off

these new Mini LED TVs are already 15% off

Mini LED TVs are finally becoming more popular! TCL has just released a new range of very promising Mini LED TVs, the TCL C93 (65 and 75 inches) and TCL C83 (55, 65 and 75 inches) at affordable prices. It is already on promotion since TCL is now offering a 15% discount on these products.

The new year rhymes with new generation of televisions for TCL. The pioneer manufacturer of the Mini LED has just launched two new televisions taking advantage of this backlighting technology. Resolutely top-of-the-range models thanks to a muscular technical sheet, but nevertheless offered at more attractive prices than the competition.

And that’s without counting on the TCL Sweet Home, a promotional period during which the price of its televisions (but also of other brand products) becomes even more attractive. Indeed, until May 17, the manufacturer proposes to reimburse you 15% of the value of a selection of products via an ODR, Mini LED TV included.

The 2022 vintage of Mini LED is even better

TCL had made a strong impression with its C82 released in 2021, rated 8/10 by Frandroid’s editorial staff. This year, TCL announces that it has raised the bar even higher by improving its Mini LED backlight system. The manufacturer has switched to an OD 5 backlight, which means that the Mini LEDs that make up the backlight are spaced only 5 mm apart.

TCL C83 and C93: these new Mini LED TVs are already at -15%

A “small” change which nevertheless has major consequences on the displayed image. The contrasts are even more visible and precise, the blooming effect is drastically reduced, and the light peak is higher. Especially since TCL claims that all the Mini LEDs integrated into the backlight system are perfectly identical. This guarantees light and color uniformity.

The TCL C93 65″ at 1614 euros (after ODR)

The TCL C93 is the most premium model in TCL’s new series of televisions. Here, the manufacturer gives pride of place to the quality of the image, by combining the Mini LED OD 5 backlight with a QLED filter. The TCL C93 thus provides an image with vivid colors, deep contrasts and a light peak measured at 2000 nits. Enough to take full advantage of HDR10 + or Dolby Vision content with which the television is compatible.

The TCL C93 also has something to appeal to gamers. With its 144 Hz panel, its 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and its VRR and FreeSync compatibility, it is perfectly suited for playing video games. Powerful Onkyo-designed speakers behind and above the TV even allow gaming without headphones. The TCL C93 is Dolby Atmos compatible, the standard for enjoying a spatialized sound stage.

TCL C83 and C93: these new Mini LED TVs are already at -15%
TCL C93 // Source: TCL

Finally, the TCL C93 is particularly generous in its connected aspect. First of all, the television runs under Google TV, the latest operating system from the Mountain View company for this type of device. Naturally, it provides access to all current SVoD applications, Netflix and Disney+ in mind. But there is also Chromecast and AirPlay 2 compatibility to broadcast content from your smartphone, whether it runs Android or iOS. The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also on hand to answer your queries.

On pre-order until June 10, the 65-inch TCL C93 television is usually offered at a price of 1899 euros. During TCL’s Sweet Home Days, its price drops to 1614 euros. Indeed, a refund offer allows you to save 15% on the purchase price.

The TCL C83 55″ at 1104 euros (after ODR)

In the range of TCL televisions, the C83 is placed just below the C93. It too benefits from a Mini LED backlight and a QLED filter, but some concessions are made in order to lower the price. For example, the light peak is lowered to 1000 nits, but it remains high enough to take full advantage of HDR content. The other compromise is found on the side of the speakers. Exit the sound system that surrounds the TV, the TCL C83 has traditional front speakers, but still manufactured by Onkyo.

TCL C83 and C93: these new Mini LED TVs are already at -15%
TCL C83 // Source: TCL

Beyond these different menus, the rest of the technical sheet is identical. The refresh rate at 144 Hz, or even the connected aspect of the television are retained. The TCL C83 however has the advantage of being distributed in diagonals that start at 55 inches. This is something to seduce those who live in smaller spaces.

Logically, the TCL C83 is more accessible than its predecessor. It benefits from the same ODR of 15%, lowering its price to 1104 euros. A very nice offer, for a high-end television that has just been released.

Other TCL Sweet Home Days offers

TCL is not just a television manufacturer. You can find many household appliance products in the brand’s catalog. Here are some promotional offers valid during TCL’s Sweet Home Days, which runs until May 17.