the Saint-Gobain Football legends match … / France / Saint-Gobain Cup /

the Saint-Gobain Football legends match ... / France / Saint-Gobain Cup /

Putting his crampons in Clairefontaine, all French football fans dream of it. And after all, why not do it by facing Frédéric Piquionne, Léa Le Garrec, Fabrice Abriel and Vikash Dhorasoo, with Darren Tulett on commentary? This is the opportunity that business and engineering school students had during the opening match of the Saint-Gobain Football Cup. And this is the game you haven’t watched.


Legends Team 6-6 Student Team

Barely arrived in the calm of Clairefontaine, dozens of students are making their mark in the area. Students at Clairefontaine? Yes ! On this weekend of the second round of the presidential elections, several hundred young people in business or engineering school have the chance to stand out in the eyes of their future employers in a football tournament and, for some, to stay in the famous castle. And it starts on Friday, with the “legends match”. Several young people will notably play against Fabrice Abriel, Léa Le Garrec, Frédéric Piquionne, Margot Dumont or even Vikash Dhorasoo. The former Le Havre also came without his belongings, which forced Darren Tullet, at the microphone, to claim “size 40 crampons” with his English accent. Eager to hit the lawn, Killian and Louis, students at the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, have stars in their eyes: “It’s impressive, these are players we’ve seen on TV. We are afraid of hitting them where it should not. Playing against them in this context is just fun! Thinking that there are pro players, world champions who have been here, it’s crazy! »

A slightly rusty legendary team

At the kickoff of the first of the three periods of thirty minutes, the first surprise: Frédéric Piquionne walks his big carcass in central defense! A gamble from coach Alex Marius: “You need solidity behind, so he started as a defender. » Remember his name, because this educator did not come just for the meeting, but to take his marks at Clairefontaine! “I hope to quickly take the place of Didier Deschamps, he has had his day, we need renewal. If it’s not Zizou, it will be me” , he reveals. Piquionne, he takes this reconversion with philosophy. ” Everything is possible. I haven’t retired from international yetlaughs the former center-forward of Rennes and Saint-Étienne. With a system of three defenders, if Didier wants to call me, I’m available. » He will have to do with competition from Alexandre, a student at KEDGE. If he came from Marseille, it was to show himself in the eyes of the coach: “With the three-man defense, I have an opportunity. Piquionne? He needs to muscle up a bit…”

The elders suffer the intensity of the younger ones, and Vikash Dhorasoo is the first to feel it. “It’s going too fast for me. I’m out of age, I’m having a lot of fun, but it’s frustrating not to be able to do a little more » he lets go, out of breath, leaving after 20 minutes of play. His coach wins him over, taking his replacement to task: “Come in, you will necessarily run more than Vikash. » Meanwhile, Séverin, a student from IESEG Lille, is “sweep with the back of the hand” , to the duel, by Piquionne. At the first break, the youngsters win 2-0.

A fashion palette at halftime

At the edge of the field to supervise the meeting, Philippe Doucet is challenged. “Where is the Doudouce palette?” » asks Lucas, engineer at Saint-Gobain. “I don’t have it on me, it’s still in the workshop. I have the score, it’s already good. Then there is no need for a palette, Piquionne does not move » , launches the former from Canal +. His ears ringing, the Martiniquais scores in the second that follows. The journalist has only one condition to come to Clairefontaine. Not wearing the same jacket as Darren Tullet. He lets go: “Looks like an old English mattress” , “He collected the old jerseys from the tournament and made an assembly of them” Where “he has the style of the Aston Villa team of the 19th centuryand century ” . The legends wake up, 4-3 after 60 minutes.

The third half is not yet that of the aperitif. Cunning, Piquionne scores with a lob from midfield at kick-off. “The referee didn’t ask me if I was ready, I was getting to know my two defenders” , laments Lucas, the goalkeeper, after the meeting. Another high-class gesture: the goal of Nicolas from INSA Lyon, a roulette sequence with a cross-bar re-entrant shot. The Lyon kop can’t believe it: “Normally she ends up in the trees, that one! » A few minutes later, Nicolas comes back down to earth, unlike his volley which flies to the moon. “Ah, there, it’s the real Nico” they shout in chorus.

At the final whistle, neither team had the best of the other: 6-6. Fabrice Abriel spent the entire game on the pitch. This does not surprise Léa Le Garrec, her player at Fleury: “He is really strong despite his old age. » “We mostly do with our means” , laughs Fabrice Abriel. The midfielder left an autograph for Killian who will return to Dijon with a big cramp mark on his thigh: “I got turned on…”

A weekend of recruitment through football

Beyond a very nice poster, this weekend is an opportunity for students to discuss with their future employers. The Saint-Gobain Football Cup aims to identify profiles in situations that are out of the ordinary. This method, Julie Lahaye is proud of it. Responsible for recruitment within the group specializing in the production, transformation and distribution of materials, she explains that “Football is a good lever since it conveys a certain number of values ​​in which the company recognizes itself, such as team spirit, commitment, fair play or benevolence. Currently, there are about 50 people in the company who have been approached through the cut. Others already have an internship planned. » Vikash Dhorasoo nods: “I think Cristiano Ronaldo would be very good at finalizing a project and Cesc Fàbregas would be great at relaying people. » Be that as it may, all the young people agree on one point: between getting an internship and winning the tournament, all want to lift the cup.

Tournament results:
Women’s ESC final: HEC Paris 1-0 EDHEC Lille
ESC men’s final: ESC Clermont 0-0 Grenoble EM (4-2, TAB)

Women’s engineering school final: INSA Toulouse 1-0 Centrale Supélec
Men’s engineering school final: Centrale Nantes 0-0 Centrale Supélec (5-4, TAB)

By Loïc Bessière and Tibor Turpin, at Clairefontaine