The return of a cult RPG, an old-fashioned Pokémon-Like … The Nintendo Switch releases of the week

The return of a cult RPG, an old-fashioned Pokémon-Like … The Nintendo Switch releases of the week

Game News The return of a cult RPG, an old-fashioned Pokémon-Like … The Nintendo Switch releases of the week

It’s a new week that begins and the least we can say is that it promises to be quite busy on the Nintendo Switch. Between the return of a mythical RPG, the arrival of a popular Pokémon-Like and small independents with great potential, you will not be bored on the road to vacation, whatever your tastes.

Endling: Extinction is forever

We start with an independent adventure that is likely to appeal to fans of moving games and making you embody cute little animals. Endling: Extinction is forever puts you in the shoes of a vixen who, in a world devastated by global warming and other ecological disasters, finds herself the last representative of her species… with her cubs. Your goal is to help them survive and grow in this hostile world, while taking them to a place where even vile humans can no longer harm them. But to get there, the road will be strewn with pitfalls and a bad decision at a precise moment could well sign the end of one of your foxes. A true ecological fable, Endling promises to be as touching as it is cute.

  • Release date: 07/19/2022
  • Prices on the eShop : €26.99 until 19/07 (otherwise €29.99)

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II

After Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance first name, it’s the turn of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II to land on modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. As a reminder, this hack’n’slash was originally released in 2004 (February 6 to be precise) on PS2 and Xbox. The scenario does not change: a terrible threat hangs over Baldur’s Gate and the city needs heroes like you to face it. On the content side, we also use the same formula with the return of the 80 levels of the basic game with their four levels of difficulty. It is the graphic rendering that should change in this new version, with a 4K resolution and visual improvements allowing you to fully appreciate this almost twenty-year-old title.

  • Release date: 07/20/2022

Bright Memory: Infinite

If there’s one game that’s come a long way, it’s Bright Memory. The FPS of the Chinese studio FYQD-Studio had however everything to please technically speaking. A true technological showcase, the game had something to impress you when it was launched in 2019 (2020 on Xbox Series). Yes, but now, if the experience was intense, it was far too short. Only an hour was needed to finish the game. The Infinite version should right that wrong with a ton of new content and cosmetics just the way we like them. As a reminder, Bright Memory immerses you in the heart of the year 2036 in a futuristic metropolis shaken by a strange phenomenon that would take root in an ancient myth.

  • Release date: 07/21/2022
  • Prices on the eShop : 19,99€


Scheduled for March 31, the release on Nintendo’s hybrid console of the old-fashioned Pokémon-Like coromone had been postponed at the last moment. This time, it should be the right one, since the announcement was made only a few days ago: Coromon will land on Nintendo Switch next week. The game images speak for themselves: Coromon is a tribute to the first Pokémon from which it takes up the visuals and gameplay. Add to that a raised difficulty, mini-games in shambles, a rather rich bestiary and a universe much darker than it seems and you get a Pokémon-Like which is worth the detour and which has already been able to seduce many PC gamers.

  • Release date: 07/21/2022

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms

Fans of Japanese games are likely to enthusiastically welcome the arrival of this game which was, until now, only available in the land of the rising sun. Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou!, or River City Saga: Three Kingdoms as it will be called on our lands, is an old fashioned beat ’em up based on the story of the Three Kingdoms as told in the historical book Romance of the Three Kingdoms notably. Between history and absurd humor, you can find what made the success of the Kunio-kun/River City games. Note also that River City Saga: Three Kingdoms is a way for APlus Games and Arc System Works to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the license.

  • Release date: 07/21/2022
  • Prices on the eShop : 29,99€

Wayward Strand

We’re taking a little “atypical indie” break with Wayward Strand. This narrative game with its original artistic direction takes us back to the year 1978. It was during this time that young Casey Beaumaris, an intrepid teenager and aspiring journalist, lived. When his mother forces him to accompany her to the airborne hospital where she works, Casey is afraid of being bored. But between the stories and traumas of the different patients and the daily life of an overworked staff, there are many things to discover in this hospital and many people to help. In addition to the great article that Casey will be able to draw from it, this human adventure will above all profoundly change his vision of life, and perhaps even yours.

  • Release date: 07/21/2022

After Capcom Arcade Stadium, released in February 2021, the Japanese publisher continues with a second compilation of the same genre, simply titled Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. Like its predecessor, it will include great arcade classics from Capcom. They will be around thirty to make themselves available this week with, among them, games such as Capcom Sports Club, Eco Fighters, Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition or The King of Dragons. Note that, as with the first compilation, this one will offer a free version. The latter will allow you to play SonSon without spending a single penny. In terms of features, you can notably adjust the difficulty and play in local co-op with up to four players.

  • Release date: 07/22/2022

Live A Live

And we end the week with the return of an almost thirty-year-old RPG juggernaut: Live a Live. Originally released on SNES exclusively in Japan, the game arrives this week on Nintendo Switch and on our lands in a remastered HD-2D version. On the story side, we will of course find the complex and engaging storyline that made Live A Live a cult JRPG. Through the story of 8 different protagonists, Live A live takes you to very distinct eras presenting unique issues and even unique gameplay mechanics. Note that if you want to form your own opinion, the demo including the first three chapters is available for everyone on the Nintendo eShop.

  • Release date: 07/22/2022
  • Prices on the eShop : 49,99€

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