the reliability of Amber Heard questioned by this close couple

the reliability of Amber Heard questioned by this close couple

The trial of the moment, featuring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, has not finished talking about him. The latter resumes today, May 16, 2022and it will be necessary for Amber Heard to explain herself in particular on a previous statement, done just a few days agoand which strongly calls into question its reliability.

A trial that continues to play out

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is currently commented on on both sides of the planet. All the actions and reactions of the two actors are scrutinized with a magnifying glass, evidenced by, for example, the reaction of Amber Heard after having closely crossed Johnny Depp, only a few days ago.

If, on the internet, Johnny Depp supporters are apparently much more numerous than those taking the defense of Amber Heard, it will however be necessary to wait the end of the trial to find out who will win. And in the meantime, a recent testimony has just tipped the scales in favor of Johnny Depp. A testimony from a former relative of the couple, which calls into question the reliability of Amber Heard.

Amber heard recently charged with perjury

Kevin Murphy, the former wealth manager of Johnny Deppconfessed that Amber Heard previously asked him to lie under oath, in a case with australian government. Johnny Depp’s former real estate agent claims that Amber Heard pressured him to perjure himself. Murphy confessed he was afraid of losing his job if he did not go the way of the actress :

She wanted me to basically say that it was my fault, somehow, that the paperwork hadn’t been completed, so I could take the blame for her.

The Australian government indeed arrested Amber Heard for smuggling two Yorkshire terriers into the country in July 2015. Kevin Murphy admitted that Amber Heard told him to tell the Australian justice that she did not know the Australian rules (in particular concerning the transport of pets), in order to avoid possible sanctions. Kevin Murphy also said that Amber Heard threatened him with repercussions on his work if he did not agree to perjure himself. Murphy thus quoted Amber Heard :

I want your help for this. I don’t want you to have a problem with your work later.

Sasha Wass, the tabloid lawyer The Sunduring the deposition of Johnny Depp in Londonthen asked Kevin Murphy:

Why the hell didn’t you go to Mr. Depp and ask him to intervene rather than lie under oath?

Murphy then replied :

Because Amber had a lot of power and would have made my life miserable.

Murphy shared the evidence of the case in the High Court on Wednesday in London via video link from Chicago. He was accused of lying by the lawyer of the Sun, Sasha Wass. She pointed out that he knowingly made a misleading statement in the Australian court case. Murphy said he did it at the request of Amber Heard, because he was afraid of losing his job.

Amber Heard has yet to testify in the case later this week, and will perhaps come back to the words of Kevin Murphy on this occasion. For now anyway, Kevin Murphy’s statement may tip the scales in favor of the jury, since it would be evidence of the fact that Amber Heard, in the past, has used threats to coerce someone into perjuring themselves, and thus avoid personal trouble with the law. And if you want to know, in the meantime, what recent information could tip the balance on the side of Johnny Depp regarding his possible future participation in the film Pirates of the Caribbean 6you can read our previous article on the subject.