The interaction between Kate Middleton and her son has made the web very uncomfortable…

Kate Middleton

When one is born into a family with such notoriety, it becomes difficult to escape the spotlight. This is particularly the case for the children of Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

The royal parents are fans of the photos of their youngest

In recent days, it is little Louis, the youngest son of the Duchess of Cambridge, who caused a sensation during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the reign of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. From the first day of the jubilee, which was held between June 2 to 5, 2022, the little boy has already made headlines following the various grimaces he made during the military parade.

Mouth wide open, sulky face or even hands covering his ears, Prince Louis had amused the Web on the first day of the jubilee. Obviously, the images of the little boy were quick to spread on the Internet, even reaching the eyes of his parents, who were also amused by the grimaces of their younger brother.

And according to the information received, Kate and William are even really attached to the pictures of their son. Their favourite? The one where we saw little Louis cover his ears during the parade. A very good choice, isn’t it?

Royal expert Camilla Tominey of the Telegraph’s said it’s completely normal if Kate Middleton and her husband love these photos of their son at the jubilee. According to her, the royal couple already want to teach their children to live life “that they will have to lead”that is, life as descendants of Queen Elizabeth.

For his part, the star of British Super Nanny, Jo Frost notably gave his opinion on the behavior of the little prince during the jubilee. She said the boy’s gestures are normal at his age. Because beyond the fact that he is the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, little Louis is also “a child like any other”according to the words of Jo Frost.

The latter also asserted that “in his professional opinion”the younger brother of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is “an extremely sensitive child”.

This interaction that was frowned upon by the public

While most of the photos of Louis taken during the jubilee were loved by netizens, there is still one photo that made the public uncomfortable. On the picture, we can see the hand of the boy on the mouth of his mother, while the latter seems to have explained something to him.

And when Prince Harry’s sister-in-law tries to politely stop him, little Louis responds with grimaces, enough to make the Web react.

Indeed, this shot of Kate Middleton and her younger brother was not unanimous among Internet users. Some have even called the boy’s gesture “despot”. Others, for their part, insisted on recalling how far the role of parent is from being easy to do.

“You know who doesn’t judge other people for their parenthood? Those who know how difficult it is, ”commented a user.

A very true comment.

Mike Tindall gets involved

During this interaction between Kate Middleton and her last child, a scene in which Mike Tindall participates had also amused many people. When the husband of Zara Tindall, cousin of Prince William, had seen Prince Louis’ gesture towards his mother, he wanted to make it clear to Louis that he was watching him, jokingly. A moment that was obviously photographed by the paparazzi.

It seems his method worked. Just after Mike Tindall had this interaction with Prince William’s younger brother, the little boy had calmed down. He had hastened to go and sit on the lap of his grandfather, Prince Charles, who was a little further away. We can therefore deduce that the father of Prince Harry and his grandson Louis have a close relationship.