the heartbreaking reason why his mother is discreet

Eddy (Mariés au premier regard) : la raison déchirante pour laquelle sa mère est discrète

Like every Monday, you can follow the adventures of the season 6 candidates from Married at first sight. Eddy is one of the last participants to have been discovered and he confided this Monday, May 2, 2022 to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. The young sportsman from Lille explained why his mother was very discreet in the program. Indeed, this one is suffering from a disease, so he prefers to keep her as far away as possible from the cameras.

Eddie (Married at first sight) confides with tenderness about his mother…

Season 6 of Married at first sight on the chain M6 began on Monday March 21, 2022. And viewers were able to watch beautiful encounters, like that of Alicia and Bruno who seem to be living a real fairy tale. But there are also failures, such as Axel and Caroline, two nature and animal lovers. Alas, this time, the experts are completely planted on their compatibility and it is the war between the vegan and the psychologists of the show.

A week ago, the public discovered the two new suitors of Married at first sight who are Eddy and Jennifer. The young people are from Hauts-de-France. As Internet users do not miss anything, they noticed a physical detail that shocks them… Indeed, the 37-year-old bachelor has very erased eyebrows: “He’s stressing me out Eddy, he has no eyebrows”, “Eddy’s eyebrows migrate south in winter and come back in summer”, “Eddy he’s not shy and it’s not because he doesn’t have eyebrows”, “Eddy’s eyebrows are like Zemmour in the presidential election, he only had 7%”, can we read in the comments.

Eddy also made viewers laugh during last week’s episode of Married at first sight. Indeed, he wondered in what outfit he was going to sleep during the wedding night. Usually he sleeps naked “the chipolata in the air”! To be continued in the next episode…

Internet users do not miss any detail!

As the public is very attentive, they also noticed something else: Eddy’s mother is very discreet. In fact, the candidate Married at first sight preferred not to expose him too much in front of the cameras and he had warned the production of the chain M6. In reality, his mother has health problems, so he wants to protect her. ” Regarding the announcement to my mother, my mother is very sick. She has a disease in the brain, she has serious balance disorders. That’s why at the wedding she is accompanied by someone. I wanted to preserve it during all this time “, Eddy confessed to reporters at Tele-Leisure this Monday, May 2, 2022. You can see it on the post below.

Eddie (Married at first sight) wishes to protect his mother

But despite his illness, Eddy never imagined for a second living the adventure of Married at first sight without his mother. Luckily, she was present during the wedding ceremony. Indeed, Eddy had the pleasure of having his mother close to him. It took a few accommodations and concessions, but she was definitely there for her son’s original wedding in Gibraltar.

There was this fear of not knowing if she could be by my side. As the wedding was taking place in Gibraltar, I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to fly out and attend the wedding. We talked about all this with the journalists of the show. It hasn’t been broadcast, but somewhere, so much the better. With my mother, we have a real bond, a bit like Jennifer and her father. I wanted to preserve it as much as possible. I wanted her to be present on the wedding day. Quite honestly, I don’t know if I could have gone through with the experience if she hadn’t been able to come to Gibraltar”.