The great competition of animators: Alessandra Sublet irritates, once again, part of the Internet users

The great competition of animators: Alessandra Sublet irritates, once again, part of the Internet users

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A new edition of the “Grand competition for animators” was broadcast on TF1 on Friday evening. The behavior of host Alessandra Sublet was noted by some of the viewers. Which animator won the final?

Launched in 2003 on TF1 with the participation of its main personalities, “Le grand concours des animators” is a giant test of general knowledge. It has successively been led by Carole Rousseau, Laurence Boccolini and since 2020 by Alessandra Sublet. This is the last time that the host, who quit TV to become an actress, presented the game.

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For this new edition, TF1 had entrusted animators, animators, comedians and former athletes: Julien Arruti, Alain Bernard, Tarek Boudali, Philippe Candeloro, Djibril Cissé, Alexandre Debanne, Vincent Desagnat, Cartman, Virginie Hocq, Philippe Lacheau, Camille Lacourt, Jean-Luc Lemoine, Laurent Maistret, Nelson Monfort, Yoann Riou, Virginie Sainsily, Inès Vandamme, Jacques Vendroux and Isabelle Vitari.

This time again, the behavior, attitude or voice of Alessandra Sublet did not fail to react to some of the viewers on social networks. Viewers had already made the same criticisms of the host during previous broadcasts.

Is there anyone more unbearable than Alessandra Sublet?#lgcda

— Super Mаriо ud83cuddfaud83cudde6 (@Dylanho) June 3, 2022

Horrified by the presentation of Alexandra Sublet. It’s party time in Neuneu, merguez sausage! Candidates speak better than her. #lgcda

— Tinamoli (@Titymoly) June 3, 2022

What a calamity alexandra. She screams she screams she stammers. Carole Rousseau was 1oo times better #lgcda

— minou330bx ud83dudc31ud83dudc31u2698 (@MAMINOU33) June 3, 2022

Too simple questions and Alessandra Sublet is unbearable #LGCDA

— ud83cuddebud83cuddf7 (@bleibenx) June 3, 2022

How to make an entertaining general knowledge program into a stew… the 3/4 try to do their shows, the questions are so simple they become useless, and Alessandra Sublé is irritating as much as possible. #LGCDA

— ma (@ma03717336) June 3, 2022

#lgcda Seriously, there isn’t a single sentence where Sublet doesn’t transform his voice to play smart or be a cool girl. We want an animator, not a girl in lack of attention…… #lgc

—Steph (@Steph01888307) June 3, 2022

I accidentally zapped on #LGCDA and I, who couldn’t stand Sublet, hearing him massacre questions… ud83dude33 Horrible!! “What sport did Loire practice?” Followed by “Who is the Pope of the 2 children of Nathalie Péchalat”
Loire?? Pope ?? Seriously ??

— Sophanie Khem (@Ninie_60) June 3, 2022

Alessandra Sublet had responded only once to these recurring comments from angry Internet users. To a surfer who precisely deplored the criticism, the host had replied on Twitter: “We don’t care and long live the relaxation for the good cause”.

This year, the trophy was not won by TF1 journalist Julien Arnaud. Three men met in the final: Julien Arnaud, former swimmer Alain Bernard and comedian Jean-Luc Lemoine. It was finally Jean-Luc Lemoine who won the victory. Something to delight him: “I haven’t been so moved since my baccalaureate. I’m very happy. I came just to mess around. It’s a real surprise”.