the draw for Friday, May 13, 2022 [EN LIGNE]

the draw for Friday, May 13, 2022 [EN LIGNE]

EUROMILLIONS. The Euromillions draw on Friday May 13, 2022 has delivered its verdict. Unfortunately, no player has won the sum of 17 million euros put into play by the Française des jeux. Euromillions results are available in this article.

[Mis à jour le 13 mai 2022 à 21h47] The Euromillions draw has fallen. To win the 17 million euros at stake this Friday, May 13, 2022, you had to find the five correct numbers and the two stars. Unfortunately, no player won the jackpot… On this Friday the 13th, a special day for the superstitious, luck was not enough… Whatever happens, a Frenchman must have become a millionaire today. today, thanks to MyMillion. If you validate a Euromillions grid, you automatically have a MyMillion code. And it is proportional to the number of grids played. This Tuesday, May 17, a new Euromillions draw may allow you to win no less than 27 million euros.

Draw of 13/05/2022

  • 3 – 11 – 17 – 45 – 48 Stars: 4 – 8
  • MyMillion: FY 242 0121

To help you win, the FDJ had posted a table showing the most drawn numbers since November 4, 2019. At the top of the ranking, number 22, which appeared fifty-two times. This is followed closely by the 26 and 31, drawn fifty-one times and finally the 44, drawn fifty times. Numbers 6, 38 and 41 have appeared forty-nine times. As for the lucky number, 9 remains the most frequent. This has been drawn fifty-one times since the date indicated. You should know that each of the Loto draws is independent. It is therefore impossible to become the numbers upstream based on those that have fallen in the past.

Moreover, we can even go back further if we rely on long-term statistics… Thus, any regular Euromillions player knows that the most drawn numbers since September 2016 are 20, 23, 27, 15 and 39 and the stars 2 and 3. Also, keep in mind that the least often drawn numbers are 18, 22, 40, 33, 36 and the stars 10 and 1.

> Try your luck for the next draw with an FDJ grid

To win the jackpot and become a millionaire, you had to go to your nearest tobacconist to buy a grid for 2.50 euros. On this one, you had to tick five numbers and your two stars. It is also possible to play online by logging into your account on (available on Android and iPhone). Please note, on the Internet as in tobacconists, this type of game is not authorized for minors and you may be asked for an identity document.

220 million won by a Frenchwoman

Today, you could win the sum of 17 million euros, the minimum offered for a draw. But you must be wondering what is the maximum jackpot that can be won. We must go back to October 15, to find traces of the record. Thus, the Euromillions draw then offered 220 million euros to the lucky lucky one who found the good results of the European jackpot! And unbelievably, it was a Frenchwoman who won this beautiful jackpot. This is the first time that a French player has won such a large sum in this kitty. This Friday’s prize pool of 17 million should still allow you to change your life, although much lower than the record amount!

Luck does not always smile on the daring. No one has won the 17 million euros at stake this Friday, May 13. But don’t panic! A new Euromillions draw will be offered to you on Tuesday 17 May. Indeed, the Française des jeux organizes draws every Tuesday and every Friday. And never forget to watch if you haven’t been drawn for the Mymillion code. One million euros are up for grabs with each new draw!