the controversies that marked season 6

«Mariés au premier regard»: les polémiques qui ont marqué la saison 6

The broadcast of the sixth edition of the M6 ​​romance program ends Monday evening with many gnashing of teeth among the seven couples formed.

Since the first season of “Married at first sight” broadcast in 2016 on M6, the 72 candidates who took part in the experience have been able to enjoy the quality services of organized weddings and the comfort of stays acting as honeymoons. The whole being entirely financed by the production. The rates imposed by filming constraints are intense, but the vast majority agree that the Studio 89 teams put them in the best possible conditions. But a reproach comes up every year with almost all the participants in the program and comes to spoil their pleasure at the time of the broadcast: the montages.

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Before carrying out the construction of its episodes, the production as well as the experts know the outcome of each experiment and have hundreds of hours of filming to tell their stories and analyze them: the sequences of the main protagonists, those of their relatives who agreed to wear a microphone but also the camera shots of those accompanying the wedding ceremonies and especially the interviews. It is with all this content that the teams of “Married at first sight” will freely build their episodes. Contractually, the candidates and their relatives have waived all rights of inspection and validation of what will be broadcast on M6. And are sometimes unpleasantly surprised by the result.

An Overused Tragedy

A 28-year-old nurse, Alicia Mahé had the pain of losing Candice, her older sister, in a traffic accident on December 25, 2014 in Coudoux in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Victim of multiple fractures and injuries that left many scars on her body, the young woman did not appreciate that the production used this tragedy excessively. “The story about my sister is remembered a lot but it’s for ratings. Afterwards, I really like the production, there’s no problem, I don’t blame them. I just wish my time in the program revolved less around my past.”, she told us. Studio 89 went so far as to make believe that Alicia wanted at all costs to turn off all the lights before going to bed to prevent Bruno, her husband, from seeing her scars. “I actually turn off the lights, because I have OCD, I need to sleep in complete darkness. The production makes believe that I don’t want Bruno to see my body but that has nothing to do with it. I’m just tired”she revealed to us.

Experts challenged

Estimated to be 80% compatible with Axel, Caroline was not seduced by the latter and quickly ended their affair after their marriage in Gibraltar. The 29-year-old entrepreneur did not appreciate the analyzes of Pascal de Sutter who repeatedly pointed out her behavior. “I completely disagree with the comments of the experts. These are people who don’t know me. I think they say a lot of bullshit.she reacted on her social networks. “The production has completely crashed. I don’t know how she arrived at this figure of 80%… The production manager told me that Axel is someone who adapts to someone else, whereas I know what I want”, she told us. Caroline reportedly even got an apology from the production for the editing approximations. “Pascal de Sutter downplayed my values ​​on the show. He sided with Axel. Even off. One day, on the phone, he told her that he was sorry for having married him to me, specifying that I was a girl who did not want a man in her life and that I would be left alone with my dogs. He can’t say that he made a mistake in the compatibility so he prefers to say that I don’t like men.”

Humiliated families

Imagine yourself at the wedding ceremony of a participant of “Married at first sight”, seated facing the altar, waiting for hours under the scorching Gibraltar sun. And all the while, without really realizing it, cameras are filming you and microphones are picking up your every reaction. Then discover several months later on M6 that these moments when you sigh and when you do not smile while waiting for the bride and groom are mounted so that viewers believe that they took place during the ceremony. This is what Alexia, Damien’s sister, experienced. “I was scandalized to see the images they were able to make of me. […] I felt humiliated by the passages where I am seen, especially when the sequences are broadcast out of context.she reacted on her social networks. “The production refrained from showing the moments when I smiled when I saw my brother arrive.” Another collateral victim of the season, Carine, Bruno’s little sister, victim of an outpouring of hatred on social networks because of the negative image given by the show. “She was benevolent and it did not appear on TV”lamented her sister-in-law Alicia. “They show what they want”confirmed Bruno.

Scripted moments

Viewers were surprised to discover the apartment under construction, without a working toilet in particular, in which Jauffrey welcomed his wife Cyndie in Marseille. A weekend that the swimmer did not want to do at home. “The production almost forced me. Before the weekend, I had told them that it was not possible. I had just bought this apartment and I did not live there because there was work to dohe revealed to us. I had proposed to Cyndie to invite her to the hotel. I was still in the boxes, I didn’t even have the gas. You see it in my head anyway, I’m embarrassed, I don’t want her to see it. I want to cry, I’m ashamed. I told myself that my mother was going to see that … I pass not only for someone who did not have any affection towards her but also for someone dirty. According to him, the production should only keep a small moment of these moments at home. “What remains on TV is that she came to my house to assemble a piece of furniture…”, specifies the one who had also organized a motorcycle ride and a trip to Cassis. Not released…

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After our interview with Caroline last May, Studio 89 wanted to respond to the accusations of the candidate for season 6 of “Married at first sight”. “While we can accept the criticisms regarding the editing, which by definition must strongly summarize the stories experienced, nothing is invented in ‘Married at first sight’ and all the situations told existed and were captured. The rushes are there to prove it”had defended the production.

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