the collective fall on Liège-Bastogne-Liège sparks debate in the peloton

the collective fall on Liège-Bastogne-Liège sparks debate in the peloton

After the drama, time for reflection. On Sunday, the serious fall that occurred in Liège-Bastogne-Liège had split the peloton in two, putting around thirty runners on the ground and causing serious injuries, in particular for world champion Julian Alaphilippe. She had also started a debate between the riders of the peloton. Romain Bardet, first to rescue Alaphilippe, was one of the first to react, on his Twitter account : “I’m thinking of Julian but also of all those guys who were badly affected and who had to see their lives slip by when, at more than 70 km/h, the whistling of the peloton gave way to chaos, the sound of exploding equipment and screams. humans who arise.” The double French world champion suffers from a pneumothorax, two broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade, and is undergoing additional examinations on Monday to find out more about the rest of his season.

After the events, Monday April 25, other more incisive reactions burst out in the peloton, among which the two main concerned and first to touch the ground: Tom Pidcock and Jérémy Cabot.

The Englishman opened the debate following the race on Sunday at VeloNews : “This guy from Total Energies (Jérémy Cabot, editor’s note) risked his life and risked the lives of all the others by coming from behind. It was not an acceptable decision to be honest”, said the Olympic mountain bike champion. He also added that he “a broken finger” and “exhausted one of [ses] nine lives” after this fall on Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

In the aftermath, the accused, Jérémy Cabot (Total Energies), the first to fall among all the runners, shared his version in a Twitter post : “I was the first to fall yesterday on Liège-Bastogne-Liège. A rider who forces the passage arriving behind me while I was on the very right of the road in the wheel of the Bora”, started the one who is also a fluid mechanics engineer. And to add that there was “no room for two in this place, my wheel touching that of the runner in front, no time to brake… And chaos… in a quarter of a second.”

A factual testimony to which the Trojan added a message of support for his fallen colleagues too: “I am sorry for those who fell behind me. I am thinking in particular of Elie (Gesbert) and Julian (Alaphilippe). Respect to Romain for his gesture towards Julian. I send the strength (that I have left) to those who, like me, are beginning their convalescence.” The French runner indeed suffers from a broken left collarbone after his fall.

“The responsibility we have when we take risks to get a place at the front of the peloton can have serious consequences for the hundred guys behind us”insisted‘Auvergnat Romain Bardet, who appeared very marked by accident after arrival. The third in the Tour de France 2017 also refused to question anyone: “I don’t blame anyone, let alone hold the truth. Simply, we give ourselves body and soul for a sport, a passion for racing that can turn tragic in a flash and hinder the beauty of sport.”

Romain Bardet said to himself “very touched” by the messages received following his intervention with Alaphilippe. But, he added, “I think anyone in this situation would absolutely have done the same, there is no competition in the face of the risk of physical integrity”. Finally, the leader of DSM training also wanted to send a message for the future of cycling: “Beyond the direct consequences, it leads me to reflect on our common responsibilities to avoid this kind of accident which could have been tragic, on the respect that we must grant each other as runners”insisted the recent winner of the Tour of the Alps, who will remain marked by this event.