Taxes 2022: here’s what to declare if you rent an apartment or a house

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It’s not always easy to navigate all these special diets. (©Richard Villalon / Adobe Stock)

Owner of a house, an apartment or even a room, which you offer for rent? Income from this must be declared, as it is potentially subject to income tax.

But beware, there are several specificities. We will explain everything to you.

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If the income from your unfurnished rental is less than 15,000 euros

If the rental income from your property unfurnished are less than 15,000 euros per year, you have two choices.

Automatically, you will be directed to the diet micro-land. This entitles you to a fixed abatement of 30%. In other words, you will be able to withdraw 30% of the annual earnings from your rentals.

For example, if you have earned 10,000 euros thanks to your income from rentals, and you are subject to the micro-foncier regime, only 7,000 euros will be taxed.

“You must indicate the gross amount without deduction of your property income”, adds the site

You can also choose the real diet. And if it does not include an abatement, it has other advantages. “It makes it possible to deduct a large number of charges, such as work, interest on loans, or insurance”, indicates the site

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Deductible expenses when the actual regime has been chosen:

  • the management and administration costs of the property (remuneration of a concierge or costs of a real estate agency or a co-ownership trustee for example),
  • taxes related to housing and not recoverable from the tenant such as property tax,
  • repair and maintenance expenses, whether for work caused by the dilapidation of the accommodation or to facilitate its rental,
  • provisions for charges in the context of a co-ownership,
  • rental charges, if you have not managed to recover them from the tenant by December 31 of the year following his departure,
  • compensation for the eviction or rehousing of a tenant,
  • insurance premiums,
  • interest and borrowing costs.

If there is a deduction, the calculation must be indicated in detail in the personal space of the website.

Note, however, that choosing the actual regime is irrevocable for a period of three years. Not possible, therefore, to make this choice one year to carry out work at a lower cost and benefit again from the reduction the following year.

And when the income from this unfurnished rental is greater than 15,000 euros?

Here, the actual regime applies automatically, and there is no possibility of changing it.

Thus, as for incomes below this sum, it is possible to deduct the same expenses during taxation.

How to declare income from a furnished rental?

Again, everything depends on the total annual income from the rental(s).

If the total for the year is less than 72,600 euros, then you have the choice between two regimes, which work exactly as for unfurnished rentals.

The micro-Bic dietwhich allows you to benefit from a 50% reduction, but does not prevent the charges from being deducted.

Keep in mind: receipts below 305 euros are not subject to taxes.

The second scheme to which you are entitled, and which applies automatically if your income is greater than 72,600 euros, is the so-called real profit.

“You must determine your net taxable income by deducting the costs and charges from your income”, explains

What if we just rent a furnished room?

Again, the profits may be taxable, but only if they exceed 760 euros including tax per year, and it is a occasional rental. The BIC regime, and therefore the 50% reduction applies in this context.

If it is the main residence of the tenant, “you do not have to declare the income from it”, concludes

Nevertheless, the website specifies that the rental price must be set within “reasonable” limits. For example, the rent for a 10 m² room in the Paris region must rise to a maximum of 159 euros per month, or 1910 euros per year.

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