Suicide of Jean-Claude Joly (Love is in the meadow): his neighbor reveals the reason for his gesture…

Suicide de Jean-Claude Joly (L'Amour est dans le pré) : son voisin dévoile la raison de son geste...

The world of “Love is in the Meadow” families is currently in mourning. Jean-Claude Joly, a former candidate for the show, ended his life on the night of Friday to Saturday June 25.

Karine Le Marchand’s tribute

According to the latest information, he hanged himself on his farm. An act that upset those close to him, in particular Karine Le Marchand who greatly appreciated the candidate during his stint on the show “Love is in the meadow”.

“My Jean-Claude, words fail me, but not my tears. Thank you for giving me so much joy and affection at each of our reunions. You chose to say stop, so rest in peace, ”she wrote on her Instagram account, paying tribute to the father of the family.

He had financial problems

Following this terrible tragedy, many people wondered why the 53-year-old man chose such an act. Many thought it was because of a couple problem since in 2016 he was convicted of domestic violence. Nevertheless, it was something else that caused the farmer to end his life.

One of his relatives revealed in the column of the magazines Here that the Jean-Claude Joly encountered financial problems. He struggled to meet the needs of his family. This responsibility made him fall into depression and pushed him to choose to end his life.

“Once all her expenses had been paid, she only had 100 euros left a month to support her family. He fought for years to keep his head above water, but he couldn’t make it, he was at his wit’s end,” the person explained.

The people of his commune were all surprised after hearing the bad news. They described him as a happy man, who laughed a lot and always cracked jokes. No one thought that behind the smile of the farmer was hiding a man carrying a big burden. Others thought that perhaps he was encountering a difficulty in his work.

“In agriculture, there is the one who eats others, who gets by, and the one who is eaten. Maybe that’s it, maybe it’s something else. We don’t know,” a neighbor said.

It was not the first time that a candidate from Karine Le Marchand’s show killed himself. In 2010, another drama also happened to a former contestant of the program.

Another candidate for “Love is in the meadow” who ended his life

Jean-Claude Joly was not the only one to succumb to financial problems. Indeed, in 2016, another former reality TV candidate, Jean-Pierre Le Guelvout, committed suicide following professional difficulties. The farmer had participated in the fifth season of the show “Love is in the meadow”, but unfortunately he did not meet his soul mate.

Jean-Pierre’s life has not always been rosy. He faced several difficulties during his life. Starting with the death of his father when he was a teenager. Then follows that of his mother after he announced his participation in the show. And finally his wife, who had been hit by a truck. Add to all this the problems related to his work.

His sister revealed six months after his death the reason for his suicide. She confessed that her brother was physically exhausted and she especially pointed out that farming was difficult and that she knew many farmers who ended their lives because of the pressure of the job. She then confessed that her brother’s financial situation was difficult, but viable, she added that he had another project, an organic poultry farm. He had spoken to the bank, but she had not followed.

“It was the coup de grace” according to her.

Obviously, the profession of farmers is not at all easy. We offer our condolences to the families of Jean-Claude July!