Subscribers Are Angry About Premium Membership, Here’s Why

Subscribers Are Angry About Premium Membership, Here's Why

Almost 2 months before the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service, it’s time for the first results. And it is clear that the Premium subscription – the most expensive – is disappointing, both among video game experts and among more casual players. As an update with new content has just been launched today, the Sony community is rumbling. Explanations.

A flawed offer

Launched on June 23, the new PlayStation Plus formula was to put oil in Sony’s engine in order to revive the machine and get back in the race against Microsoft and its Xbox Game Pass. As a reminder, instead of a single subscription, these are now 3 packages that are offered to players : the offer Essential, which corresponds to the old PlayStation Plus package, the offer Extra, which takes the first level and adds to it a catalog of PS4-PS5 games of around 400 titles to download, and offers it Premium, which goes up a notch and adds classic games (PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP) some of which can be streamed or downloaded. Or an addition of 300 titles with, in addition, demos. This for a total of 16.99 euros, or 3 euros more than the Extra offer.

On paper, the formula looks correct. But after several weeks of commissioning, the anger begins to be felt among the players. Indeed, while many historical and classic games were promised by Sony on its Premium offer, there are currently onlya measly thirty historical Sony gamesand very few of the classics expected. Let us mention in particular Crash Bandicoot Where Gran Turismo, are still absent subscribers. This did not prevent the number of subscribers from soaring, from 46.3 to 47.3 million subscribers according to the latest figures communicated by Sony at the end of last month.

Players’ anger

Regarding streaming, the service does not seem to be optimized yet, especially for PS3 games. To this are added the few trial versions and really recent games offered. Blackheads already visible which are accompanied by‘a real rumble of players since the update of this month of August. From this month’s list of new games – first leaked – and then presented by Sony, most are PS4 or PS5 gameslike the franchise Yakuza, Dead by Daylight, or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. We talk like this of games that are intended more for the Extra offer than for the Premium subscription.

Thus, users who have opted for the most expensive of subscriptions may feel left out, since no classic game is included in this new summer menu. It was enough for the rumble to take place on the side of the gamers. Here is some sample comments below following PlayStation’s announcement.

New games arrive on August 16 in the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog.

Yakuza, Ghost Recon, Dead by Daylight and more:

August 13, 2022

Where are the classics? This is why we pay for another more specific package.

are we actually going to get more classic games or no? like i’m really struggling to see the point in keeping a premium sub when i could just drop to extra because the classic games and trials are so not worth it

August 11, 2022

I really struggle to see the point of keeping a Premium membership when I could just upgrade to Extra because the classic games and trials really aren’t worth it.

Where are the classic catalog updates? This is why many of us bought premium. Last month’s games weren’t anythint special but at least something was added. What classics did you add for premium customers this month? Some transparency here at least, @PlayStation.

August 11, 2022

Where are the classic catalog updates? That’s why many of us bought a premium subscription. Last month’s games were nothing special but at least something was added. What classics have you added for Premium customers this month? At least some transparency here

the Premium does not work so, Sony has to revise the level.
You should take the Bravia Core application and put it in the Premium.
So you have Sony movies and TV shows.
And keep adding playstation classics every month.@sony @SonyPictures @SPTV @SonyElectronics

August 11, 2022

the Premium plan does not work so Sony must revise the level.
You should launch the Bravia Core app and put it in the Premium.
So, you would have the Sony movies and TV shows.
And add Playstation classics every month.

Add the old SCOOBY DOO GAMES! Honestly im super disappointed buying this top teir. Theres really nothing for me. Retro game selection is wack! Better step it up or def will not renew next year

August 15, 2022

Add old SCOOBY DOO games! Honestly, I’m super disappointed that I bought this Top Tierr. The selection of retro games is weak!

You better put effort into classic games for your catalog, because i don’t know what’s your plan but you won’t be able to add Bethesda games, EA games since EA play is not include in Premium (bad move) , and soon Activision games.

August 11, 2022

You better make an effort on classic games for your catalog, because I don’t know what your plan is but you won’t be able to add Bethesda games, EA games since EA play is not included in Premium (bad decision), and soon Activision games.

You forgot the premium. I didn’t forget to pay though.

August 13, 2022

The lack of classic games is therefore widely pointed out by the PlayStation community. How will Sony react to this wave of discontent? We know that games like Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Dino Crisis Where Ridge Racer 2 are expected soon. At the Japanese publisher, we will have to quickly raise the bar.

On your side, are you satisfied (for those who have it) with the Premium subscription? Do not hesitate to share your impressions in the comments.