Sophie Tapie at the beach: she drops the top and ignites the Web

Sophie Tapie à la plage : elle fait tomber le haut et enflamme la Toile

The death of her father last year affected her greatly. It is only recently that she begins to take a liking to life. Indeed, Sophie Tapie now lives her life to the full. And it is on social networks that the singer is used to sharing the good and bad times of her life.

This year, the young woman had to celebrate her 34th birthday without her father. The photo she posted on Feb. 27 showed the damage from the party she threw for her birthday. She seems to have had fun. It is also through this publication that the fans were able to notice that Sophie was happy again. Recently, a snapshot of Sophie Tapie on vacation was posted on Instagram.

By the sea, on a boat

Sophie Tapie is living a good life! On her Instagram story, the young woman shared with her fans a snapshot of her on vacation by the sea. On Thursday, July 7, she published a photo of her from behind, not wearing the top of her jersey. She was facing the sea, an azure blue with the blue sky.

An ideal setting to relax during the holidays. There is something to dream about those who are still waiting to get leave. Moreover, the singer had not forgotten to mention them in the legend of her publication. On the publication, Sophie Tapie wrote a message accompanied by a blue heart.

“Amazing vacation… Thank you @major_boats for this day in paradise. I hope you are having a good time on your side too, a thought for those who are looking forward to their vacation, ”could we read on the publication.

Internet users did not hesitate to fill the comments with compliments. His nephew, Louis Tapie, even reacted to the publication.

A tribute to his father

Despite Bernard Tapie’s reputation, for Sophie Tapie, her father was the “most wonderful dad” in the world. This year, the missing businessman should have celebrated his 79th birthday. It was on her Instagram account that the young woman had posted a publication dedicated to her late father.

For the occasion, Sophie Tapie had posted a photo of her father taken on the lawn of the Vélodrome stadium. She wished him a happy birthday by writing “Happy birthday my love”. The singer accompanied this touching message with a red heart. Sophie Tapie is gradually returning to the recording studios.

On social networks, she continues to bring the memory of Bernard Tapie to life. It is deeply marked by the death of the man who also made politics. The former ‘The Voice’ contestant was emotional on Instagram as she addressed her late father, saying:

“I would like to tell you a secret, I love you so much. »

In her youth, Sophie Tapie had problems because of her last name. However, the young woman is proud to be a Tapie.

She didn’t change her last name

Regardless of her dad’s reputation, Sophie Tapie is proud of her last name. In the program “Les Maternelles”, she had revealed that it is not possible for her to change her surname. She explained that throughout her career, people know her by the name she takes from her father.

For her, people would be disappointed if she took another name. The young woman had declared that she would not see her name changed. She was able to prove this pride when she got married in 2020. After her marriage to Jean-Mathieu Marinetti in Saint-Tropez, the pretty blonde kept her last name. Sophie Tapie kept her name, because she had to struggle to be able to bear this name.

“I am super proud because it tells an exceptional story, of an exceptional life course, of an exceptional man”, she had explained to Agathe Lecaron.

An interview she gave a few weeks before she announced her divorce. Sophie Tapie and Jean-Mathieu Marinetti separated after five years of relationship, including two years of marriage.