Slimane upset, his sad “poignant” tribute to Florent Pagny


At 32, Slimane is undoubtedly living one of the best times of his life. For good reason, the singer not only meets with success on the professional level, thanks in particular to his latest album Versus, in collaboration with Vitaa, but he is also a man fulfilled in his private life, following the birth of his little angel. Nevertheless, despite all the good things that are happening to him at the moment, the handsome brunette does not forget the program that propelled him to the front of the stage: The Voice.

Moreover, during the final of the last season of tele-hook, he went back on the set to interpret a title in duet with Nour, the protege of Florent Pagny. And during his performance, Slimane paid a vibrant tribute to his former coach who, 6 years earlier, gave him his chance. It must be said that between the two men, it was obvious.

Slimane’s journey in The Voice

It was in 2016 that the French got to know Slimane. Remember, that year, accompanied by some of his relatives, he came to the blind audition for the fifth season of The Voice. Wearing his black cap, he dazzled all the coaches with his fabulous interpretation of À fleur toi, the flagship title of his now acolyte, Vitaa.

Therefore, without exception, they all turned around. But when choosing his team, Slimane decided to continue the competition with Florent Pagny, to the chagrin of Zazie, Mika and Garou. Alongside the darling of Azucena, he will learn a lot and go through all the stages of the show one by one.

Thus, on May 16, 2016, in front of millions of viewers, he won the coveted title of the most beautiful voice in France. Then follows a prolific career that we all know. A career which, without Florent Pagny, would perhaps never have seen the light of day. For this reason, Slimane is eternally grateful to the interpreter of My freedom to think.

Before him, he had nothing

Six years after his coronation, Slimane, who has now established himself as one of the greatest performers of his generation, has repressed the stage of The Voice. Indeed, on May 21, 2022, on the occasion of the grand finale of season 11 of the flagship program of the One, he honored his presence on the set in order to support Nour.

For information, during the show, the latter had some difficulty singing since she was injured in the throat. However, she gave her best; especially during his duet with Slimane. Together they hummed Avant toi; a great opportunity for the young dad to show his appreciation and gratitude to his mentor.

Indeed, at the time of the verse “before you, I had nothing”, Slimane pointed to Florent Pagny. A strong and moving gesture that did not escape the eyes of viewers as evidenced by the many reactions on social networks.

It must be said that these words take on their full meaning when you know that Slimane has struggled a lot to break into music. Yes, before his path crossed that of Florent in The Voice, he had scoured the castings in order to make himself known and record his titles which he wrote himself elsewhere. Nouvelle Star, X Factor, such are the programs in which he had participated, but without success.

In short, it is obvious that this tribute has touched Florent, him whose state of health has often made the headlines of the media lately. And for good reason, he suffers from lung cancer.

“I consider him as a member of my family”

It was in January 2022 that Florent Pagny made his illness known publicly. A sad news that has greatly pained his fans, but also some celebrities, including Slimane. During an interview with Sophie Davant, Esmeralda’s dad returned to their “special relationship”.

In his words:

“I was more than moved by the announcement of his illness, because I consider him to be a member of my family, really, and he is someone who has turned my life upside down, who has changed everything. Afterwards, I know how strong and dignified he is. I thought about him a lot, we talked to each other and I’m very happy that things are going better.”

And yes, the latest news concerning the emblematic coach of The Voice is rather reassuring. After winning the last season of the show, thanks to the beautiful voice and talent of Nour, it could be that the two men will collaborate very soon. Until that day arrives, let’s wish them health and love!