Slimane confronted with the disease: his mother is losing her sight and no longer recognizes him

Slimane confronted with the disease: his mother is losing her sight and no longer recognizes him

This Saturday, May 28, Slimane was the guest of Nikos Aliagas in the portrait of 50 minutes Inside. The opportunity for the singer to indulge in the subject of his mother and his illness which made him gradually lose his sight. Confidences.

It is with great emotion that Slimane confided in Nikos Aliagas in the portrait of 50 minutes Inside this Saturday, May 28. Dad for a few months, the singer returned to the joys of fatherhood and the immense happiness that gives him his daughter, Esmeralda.

Nikos Aliagas later mentioned his new solo albumand one song in particular that the singer has already performed on TV, entitled In the dark. Slimane, touched, explained that this song is dedicated to his mother who is ill and who is gradually losing her sight.

Slimane “His diabetes attacked his eyes”

When Nikos Aliagas and Slimane talked about family, it was only natural that the song In the dark was mentioned. Slimane then explained to Nikos the story behind this song, and was very moved when approaching it: “I’m going to try not to cry, it’s the first time I’ve spoken about it”, first explained Slimane.

The singer later resumed: “My mother, she has had a disease for a very long time and her diabetes has attacked her eyeshe began by later revealing that his mom is “going blind”. Following this, the former winner of The Voice confided that his mother had not recognized him a few days ago, and oh how it had affected him: “When she says to me: ‘But are you sure it’s Slimane?’, well, inevitably, it upsets”he expressed himself.

Vitaa’s sidekick also revealed her mother’s fear of never seeing her granddaughter, Esmeralda: “When my mother told me that she was afraid not to see her, and she saw her and she said to me: ‘It’s okay, I know what she looks like’, c is very strong”he admitted.

When approaching the famous song dedicated to his mother, Slimane clarified that he had put himself in his place in the lyrics in order to preserve it and respect his modesty. Great courage to them.

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© Giancarlo Gorassini

2/12 –

Slimane at the 5th edition of the charity concert “Their Voices For Hope” at the Olympia in Paris. This concert presented by Laurie Cholewa is on the initiative of the Arcad association for the benefit of research against pancreatic cancer, on September 21, 2016.

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3/12 –

Slimane at the MFM Radio Live private concert presented by Bernard Montiel at the Médrano circus in Lyon on November 3, 2016.

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Slimane in showcase during the Christmas illuminations of the Forum des Halles in Paris, November 27, 2019.


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Slimane at the taping of the show “Vivement dimanche” in Paris on February 19, 2020. – Arrivals of people at the taping of the show “Vivement dimanche” in Paris on February 19, 2020.

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Slimane at the recording of the show “La Boîte à Secrets 5” in Paris, which will be broadcast on November 6 on France 3.

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Slimane at the recording of the program “Jean-Jacques Goldman: The big birthday party”, which will be broadcast on October 6 on M6.

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Slimane at the photocall and Backstage of the musical event “RFM Music Show” special edition for the 40th anniversary of the famous radio station at the Palais des Sports de Levallois-Perret and with the return of the lives. This exceptional concert will be broadcast on C8 on Wednesday 30 June.

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Slimane during the party held on the ephemeral “Barbanegra” terrace in Paris, July 6, 2021.


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Slimane at the Francofolies 2021 – La Rochelle on 10 07 2021.


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Slimane at the preview of the film “Aline” at the Grand Rex in Paris on October 25, 2021.


12/12 –

Slimane at the transformist show at the “La Nouvelle Eve” club in Paris on March 10, 2022.