Shadowlands Mythic Plus Season 4 Guide – World of Warcraft

Shadowlands Mythic Plus Season 4 Guide - World of Warcraft

This page contains all the information about Season 4 of WoW’s Mythic+ mode. shadowlandswith new affixes, item level, best classes and specs for Mythic+, achievements and rewards available to players in Mythic Stone Dungeons (MM+).

With Dragonflight releasing by the end of 2022, Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 4 will likely begin sometime in the summer.

1. Season 4 Dungeons

The Season 4 dungeons are as follows:

  • Tazavesh: the streets of wonders
  • Tazavesh: So’leah’s Scheme
  • Return to Karazhan: Summit
  • Return to Karazhan: Down
  • Iron Dock
  • Operation Mechagon: The Workshop
  • Operation Mechagon: the scrapyard
  • Grimrail Depot

To get to some dungeons easily, head to Ta’piks in Oribos. It features portals to three Season 4 areas: Gorgrond, Deadwind Pass, and the Isle of Mechagon. The portals are located next to the flight master in the Oribos Transferring Ring, so they are easy to locate.

2. Loot/Loot and Large Vault

The Mythic+ (MM+) end-of-dungeon chest rewards you with a single item at the end of each run in Shadowlands. The Large vault is the new weekly chest in the expansion. It allows you to unlock three additional items through Keystone Dungeons, based on activities completed over the past week.

The item level is not final and is based on previous seasons. To be confirmed later.

Level ilvl end of dungeon chest items Grand Vault weekly chest item ilvl
Mythical +1 262
Mythic +2 262 278
Mythic +3 265 278
Mythic +4 268 278
Mythical +5 272 281
Mythic +6 275 281
Mythic +7 275 285
Mythic +8 278 288
Mythic +9 278 288
Mythic +10 281 291
Mythic +11 281 294
Mythic +12 285 298
Mythic +13 285 298
Mythic +14 288 301
Mythic +15 288 304

3. Best classes and specs for Mythic+ Season 4


4. Season 4 Affix

4.1. Disguise (level 10+)

The new affix for Season 4 Mythic+ is called Disguise.

Upon entering a dungeon with the Disguise affix, you can speak to an NPC to receive a buff of your choice:

  • Bounty: Critical Strike : +2% to critical hits
  • Bounty: Haste : +2% haste
  • Bonus: Versatility : +1% to versatility
  • Bonus: Mastery : +69 to mastery

Buffs can be changed. If you choose the Haste buff and not, you prefer to take the Versatility in the end, you can talk to the NPC again and select what you want. Nothing is final. Then you can run through the dungeon as you normally do.

During your fights, you will notice that some monsters are “disguised”. This can be seen when the enemy has the correct icon under their portrait, in addition to having a small dark aura around them.

During combat, the enemy will usually shapeshift into Infiltrator Nathrezim. He has several skills. Vampiric Claws allows him to deal damage and heal himself at the same time. The second is a cone that deals shadow damage and reduced healing received to all players in front of the Dreadlord. The third is a cloud that puts the players inside it to sleep.

When the Nathrezim is defeated, a Trader spawns, captures it, and gives you a charge of your buff. It means that you can stack multiple charges of the buff and so, with three charges of Prime: Haste, you can get a +6% bonus to haste. Additionally, you receive a temporary buff that restores your health and mana every second for 5 seconds.

Sometimes the disguised monster metamorphoses into Zul’gamux. It’s a more powerful version of the Nathrezim that can apply a DoT, adorn itself with a shield that siphons life from players, summon a familiar that can hypnotize players and hit them, and finally can deal shadow damage and reduce healing received by 70%.

Note that Hypnosis is not traditional mind control as players still have control of their characters, but can be hit and can hit their allies. Killing the bat before it has finished casting Hypnosis completely avoids the Hypnosis effect or ends the effect on the player.

After Zul’gamux is killed, you gain 3 charges of your buff, as well as a more powerful version of the Restoration spell (+20% health and mana every second for 20 sec.).

It appears that Zul’gamux spawns in a specific location, but that’s rather odd as it would mean that players could eventually avoid the mobs in question quite easily at times. To be confirmed in the coming days.

5. Mythic+ Season 4 Rewards

The following dungeons require validating a +20 key to obtain teleportation:

  • Grimrail Depot (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Iron Docks (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Operation Mechagon (Battle for Azeroth) if you complete the junkyard and workshop
  • Back to Karazhan (Legion) if you complete both Lower and Upper parts

The Season 4 mount,is a slightly different take on Death Elemental (S1), Soultwisted Deathwalker (S2), and Desert Warped Deathwalker (S3). The color changes this time to purple.

Deathwalker Season 4 Mount