Severed finger, violent text messages… A look back at the first days of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial

Severed finger, violent text messages… A look back at the first days of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial

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Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been battling in a new defamation lawsuit since April 11. A look back at the first days of this hypermediatised trial.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, married for two years, tear each other apart again in court. The actor is suing the actress for defamation and is claiming 50 million dollars from her following a column she had published in the washington post in 2018. In this text, she did not mention him by name, but she mentioned the accusations of domestic violence that she had brought against her husband in 2016.

Amber Heard retorted with a complaint demanding 100 million dollars from his side, assuring that he had inflicted “constant physical and sexual violence” on her.

The actor’s addictions would have started at the age of 11

Invited by one of his lawyers to discuss his drug use on Tuesday April 19, Johnny Depp told how his addictions began at the age of 11, with painkillers taken by his mother. “It was to escape the chaotic nature of what we were going through,” confessed the actor who defended himself from having “never been a weirdo who needed to be stoned all the time”.

If he admitted to having been dependent on opiates for several years, before his relationship with Amber Heard, he explained to the court that he took these drugs as “self-medication” and “never lost control”.

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of ‘hitting’ him

On Wednesday April 20, the Hollywood actor accused Amber Heard of violence she allegedly inflicted on him during their marriage, which he described as toxic. “Mrs. Heard, in her frustration and in her rage, she was hitting,” the movie star said.

“It could start with a slap, a push. She threw a TV remote at my head, a glass of wine in my face,” said Johnny Depp, 58, saying the actress had “a need to conflict, a need for violence”. The actor also indicated that Amber Heard would have threatened to commit suicide if he left her.

Amber Heard reportedly severed actor’s finger

The hearing then focused on the injury suffered by the actor in March 2015, during a marital dispute. “She approached me and grabbed the bottle of vodka. She backed up and threw it at me,” the actor narrated, mimicking the scene at the bar. His right middle finger would then have been deeply cut. “I was looking at my bone. The blood was just flowing,” he testified while pointing his finger.

Photos of the injury and the actor lying on a stretcher in hospital were shown in the courtroom.

Overwhelming records for both

A sign of the toxicity of their marriage, the 58-year-old actor had previously explained that they had, each on their own, got into the habit of recording their altercations. In an audio excerpt, presented by Amber Heard’s lawyers, we hear the 36-year-old actress accuse her husband of having “beaten her”. In another recording, we hear Johnny Depp yelling “shut up big bunch” to the one who was then his wife.

Another audio extract, compromising for Amber Heard, was also released. The latter declares to have “typed” the interpreter of Jack Sparrow. “I’m sorry I didn’t slap you properly,” the actress says. “I didn’t hit you. I fucking hit you! (…) I don’t know what the movement of my hand was. But you’re fine. I didn’t hurt you. What is “What am I supposed to do? I’m not going to sit here and complain like you (…) You’re a real baby, grow up a little, Johnny!”

Very violent text messages from Johnny Depp towards the actress

Thursday, April 21, Amber Heard’s lawyers presented text messages with violent content, which the Hollywood star exchanged with relatives. “I never want to lay eyes on that dirty whore Amber again,” Johnny Depp wrote to a friend in April 2015.

“Let’s burn Amber,” read Ben Rottenborn, who represents Amber Heard. “You said ‘I’m going to fuck her burnt corpse afterwards, to make sure she’s dead’. That’s what you said you would do after you burned her and after you drowned her,” said assured the lawyer by reading a message sent in 2013 by the actor to one of his friends.