Real estate sale: the bill for the mandatory documents will increase from September

Real estate sale: the bill for the mandatory documents will increase from September

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Asbestos diagnostics, Carrez footage, DPE… many documents are required to sell a property. A list that will grow further in September with the arrival of the energy audit.

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Before deciding to sell a house or an apartment, it is already necessary to pay several hundred euros to obtain a certain number of obligatory documents. Several diagnoses as well as the DPE, the Energy Performance Diagnosis, must therefore be given to the buyer. A formality that represents an overall cost of several hundred euros… and it won’t get any better: some homes will also have to show their credentials with another document, the energy audit.

What are the required documents for a real estate sale?

Once the decision to put your home up for sale has been taken, it is necessary to carry out several formalities, starting with the completion of a certain number of compulsory studies. Currently, there are two main categories of documents that must be provided to a buyer: the DPE, Energy Performance Diagnosis, and the diagnoses that cover a wide variety of areas: asbestos diagnosis, termite search, lead diagnosis, Carrez law measurement, electricity diagnosis, gas diagnosis, state of pollution risks. So many elements to be analyzed by a professional referenced in the dedicated search engine of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion.

Who says independent expertise, says cost. Thus, the completion of all of these studies generates costs which are the responsibility of the owner in the context of the sale of an old dwelling, or of the project manager for a new property. In total, this can represent several hundred euros. Just for the ECD, it takes between 100 and 250 euros according to figures from the Agency for the environment and energy management (Ademe). On the site, the price displayed for an asbestos study, meanwhile, is between 100 and 150 euros, when the other types of diagnoses start from 53.55 euros.

The energy audit could be charged up to 1,000 euros

From September 1, 2022, a new obligation will be imposed on the owners of accommodation categorized as “thermal sieves”, that is to say real estate whose DPE will come out in F, G or beyond. To be able to sell their house or apartment, they will then have to have an energy audit carried out… for an amount to be expected between 800 and 1,000 euros according to Audrey Zermati, Effy’s strategy director. Laetitia Caron, general manager of, remains more optimistic with an average amount of 550 euros, which she hopes will drop to 400 euros over the next few months. Note that this energy audit may be partially covered through the MaPrimeRénov’ aid scheme, provided that the eligibility conditions are met and for a maximum amount of 500 euros.

As part of a policy of renovating housing with excessive energy consumption, this new diagnosis should make a precise inventory of housing failures. Moreover, the diagnostician will have to propose solutions to improve the classification of the property, with supporting figures for carrying out the work. For example, the objective may be to upgrade housing from class F or G to class B or C. An ambitious bet, for which you will have to put your hands in your pocket once again. Indeed, the price of an energy renovation of this type is estimated between 400 and 600 euros per square meter according to the site. For a house of 100 m², it will therefore be necessary to count between 40,000 and 60,000 euros of works budget to reach a category B or C on the DPE.