Quinté+: Cleangame, the Duke of Quinté+ for this Saturday May 14 at Caen?


The starters of Quinté+ for this Saturday 14 May 2022

R1 C3


The forces present

True champion, CLEANGAME (14) has just displayed his class at Châteaubriant by flying over the debates in the GNT stage, when he returned 50 meters. Starting this time from the same post as his rivals, Jean-Michel Bazire’s gelding is still a horse to beat in this field. While she had beaten our favorite at the end of March in the Prix du Bois de Vincennes, AMPIA MEDE SM (7) found him this time at equal post. Given her means, the daughter of Ganymede still deserves a lot of credit with AMAZING (13), defending champion but who, unlike last year, will remain locked here. At fault recently at Vincennes when she was assured of second place, REBELLA MATTERS (10) will then come ahead of GU D’HERIPRE (12), in search of redemption after her disappointment on April 23 at Enghien in the Prix de l ‘Atlantic. On the rise, GANGSTER DU WALLON (6) keeps his chance for a place, like FAKIR DU LORAULT (11), recent second in the Low Speed ​​Criterium, and ELVIS DU VALLON (9), fifth in the same test last year.

Hervé Engel’s prediction

14 7 13 10 12 6 11 9









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


Showing a very commendable consistency this winter at Vincennes, this representative of the Danover team set off at a gallop during his final outing at Enghien. Faced with such opposition, his chances appear very limited.

Stéphane Provoost, coach:

“Hidalgo des Noés (1) does not have a favorable program at the moment. So we run this high race. He will stay close but will not be ridiculous because he is very good in the morning in training. If the favorites fail, it can grab a small place in this Quinté+. »


While he had not been seen since last October, this son of Jag de Bellouet could not be dangerous on April 10 for his return to Lisieux. Ferré in this Quinté+, its mission promises to be one of the most delicate. Without us.

Clément Thomain, trainer and driver:

“Darshan (2) will keep his irons in this very tough event. I have no favorable commitments at this time for him. This race will allow me to keep him in the “bath”. We have no ambition. »


Eclectic, this son of Rodrigo Jet has been lining up chess for several months, whether under the saddle or on the hitch. Absent since March 5 and locked up here, he seems faced with an impossible task. Impasse advised.

Stéphane Provoost, coach:

“Dollar Derby (3) will return to competition this Saturday. For his return, you can remove him from your games. »


Never safe from a fault, this son of Phlegyas has not failed recently in a Group 3 in Bordeaux (fifth). Barefoot and teamed up with Éric Raffin, he doesn’t seem out of the game for a small place at the end of the combination.

Jeremy Gaston Van Eeckhaute, coach:

“Dollar Soyer (4) finds the right momentum. I am very satisfied with his last outing in Bordeaux. This time, it will be removed from the four and Éric Raffin will put it in his hands. Its objective will be at the beginning of June in Vincennes. Saturday, I expect a good race from him, but we are still in the adjustment phase. Considering the quality of the field, a fifth or sixth place would already be very satisfactory. »


Faulty at the start in the Prix de l’Atlantique, this son of The Best Madrik has just suffered the rigors of disqualification in the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie. Driven by his mentor, his chances are not obvious.

Pierre-Alain Rynwalt-Boulard, trainer and driver:

“Digne et Droit (5) is physically good but I cannot explain his recent mistakes at the start of the course. I sit in his sulky to judge his behavior from the “inside”. »


Away from the tracks between September and March, this classic subject under the saddle now evolves mainly in the hitch. Winner at Lyon-Parilly on April 7, he followed three weeks later with a good third place at Vincennes. At ease on the right string, it should not be overlooked.

Alexis Collette, driver:

“Gangster du Wallon (6) is on the rise; his third place at Vincennes on April 22 did him good. Excellent right-hander, he finds his good level and we are going to play our card thoroughly. The field is very strong, the podium is barred to us, but I am counting on him for a place at the end of the Quinté+ combination. »


Over the past twelve months, this resident of Fabrice Souloy has recorded thirteen successes. During her penultimate outing, she beat Cleangame (14), while she had an advantage of 25 meters. Even if she finds him here at equal post, she should still sell her chances dearly.

Franck Nivard, driver:

“Ampia Mede Sm (7) is less comfortable on the right but the corners of Caen are wide. I will be vigilant to enter the curves. The opposition is serious with in particular Cleangame (14) at the same level. Facing him, it will be hard to win, but his place is on the podium. »


After two good attempts here in March and a fourth place on April 6 in the Grand Prix Angers Loire Métropole, this son of Ready Cash did not appreciate the grass track Ecommoy during his last attempt. Faced with such rivals, he represents only a simple outsider.

Jean-Loic Claude Dersoir, trainer and driver:

“The game was difficult at the third post the other day, on the grass of Ecommoy. Cash du Rib (8) is good, but faced with the announced top horses, we have no ambition. I will therefore leave it closed. A sixth or seventh place would suit me perfectly. »


Fifth in this same event last year, this resident of Charles Cuiller has just obtained the same ranking in the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie. On its way, it can still claim a place at the end of the combination.

Charles Cuiller, trainer:

“With his number on the outside, it was mission impossible for Elvis du Vallon (9) in the Criterium de Vitesse d’Argentan. It was not unworthy and has since proven its good form in the morning. If the best horses in the race are there, we have a fourth or fifth chance. »


Without a fault at the end of the course, this resident of Jean-Michel Bazire would have finished second to Ce Bello Romain at the end of April in the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie. Wise this time, it can aim for a place.

Nicolas Bazire, son of the trainer:

“There is no real explanation for the fault of Rebella Matters (10) in the last meters of the Criterium de Vitesse d’Argentan. Too bad, she would have been, for sure, second. She is in good physical condition and we are only interviewing her. She is ready to return to good performance. The race promises to be very rhythmic and this should serve his interests. »


Rather discreet this winter at Vincennes, this son of Vaillant Cash is coming back to his best and found only Ce Bello Romain to block his way to success on April 30 in the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie. On its way, it has the means to aim for a place in this Quinté+.

Michael Charuel, trainer:

“Fakir du Lorault (11) has worked very well since his second place in the Criterium de Vitesse d’Argentan. He is best when he spins right-handed. So I’m optimistic to see him run well. But faced with this opposition, the podium is difficult to imagine. However, I am counting on him to do his best and complete the good arrival of Quinté+. »


Sick, this resident of Fabrice Souloy could not really defend his chances on April 23 at Enghien in the Prix de l’Atlantique. Judged on his two previous third places at Vincennes, he finds the opportunity to redeem himself, even if he is not confirmed on the right hand.

Reporter’s note:

“Gu d’Heripré (12) did not prove his worth at Enghien in the Prix de l’Atlantique. According to his driver, the horse was “dirty” after the race, which explains his poor performance. If his trainer presents him again, it means that everything must be back to normal. The question mark now lies on its suitability for the course. His only right-hand rope race had indeed ended in disqualification. »


Defending champion, this son of Timoko has just finished second at Enghien in the Prix de l’Atlantique behind Vivid Wise As, after dominating his rival at Cagnes in the Grand Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d’Azur. Although shoed here, we can still expect a great performance from him.

Anthony Barrier, driver:

“Amazing (13) is in top form. He was unshod to win last year but the fact of presenting him with his irons is not prohibitive; he had won the Prix de Paris like that in 2021. It’s not easy to imagine beating Cleangame (14), but we can’t wait to be there. »


This champion trained by Jean-Michel Bazire has just displayed his class at Châteaubriant by flying over the debates in the GNT stage, while he was covering 50 meters. Springing this time at the post than his rivals, he promises to be difficult to beat.

Nicolas Bazire, son of the trainer:

“Cleangame (14) finds a very good entry. This time, he will be at the same post as the others. He has gained in maneuverability on the fly and the fact of setting off at a “provided” rung should not bother him. Everything has been going well for him since his victory in the GNT stage at Châteaubriant. We leave with confidence. »

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