PS5: finally stocks this week for the Sony console?

PS5 : enfin des stocks cette semaine pour la console de Sony ?

News good plan PS5: finally stocks this week for the Sony console?

The PlayStation 5 is a beautiful machine, that’s a fact. And that’s also why everyone is tearing it up. Unfortunately, the shortage continues and stock restocking does not run the streets: this new week should notably sign the arrival of new consoles at certain retailers. We take stock of the rumours.

The PS5: Sony’s much sought-after console

Since its announcement, the PlayStation 5 has been making headlines. It must be said that Sony played its part particularly well during the reveal in 2020, swinging trailers of more or less monstrous games… sometimes with a lot of advance, like Final Fantasy 16 which has still not been released. Anyway, the hype is still very present and everyone is snapping up the console.

And the problem is there: the Japanese console is a victim of its own success. Since its launch, in fact! Sony may achieve impressive sales figures, it is really difficult to find the beast if you do not focus fully on research. The first reason, which you may already know, is the shortage that has been going on for a few years now..

This intervenes on semiconductors, specific elements necessary for certain parts of high-tech machines such as the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. It is then very difficult in this context, for Sony, to manufacture as many consoles as he would like it. The worst thing is that this shortage is still not over and could last for quite a while.

The second reason is the scalpers. Scalping is a technique where an Internet user buys a product – often in high demand – before anyone else in order to be able to resell it immediately afterwards, with a premium price. The PS5 being particularly desired, many scalpers manage to buy it quickly (in particular thanks to a system of bots, planned for) to resell it after hundreds of euros more expensive.

In short, as much to say that it is necessary to prepare to find it before everyone else. Regularly, many rumors warn of possible restocking of stocks at our resellers, which we have just compiled for you here. Let us recall in passing that there are two models of the PS5, the standard which has a Blu-Ray drive for physical games and the Digital Edition, without a Blu-Ray drive and which only focuses on dematerialized games.

PlayStation 5 back in stock? But where?

Fnac should perhaps offer the PS5 again

Fnac is one of the biggest French stores and of course, it also offers the PlayStation 5… or at least when it is in stock. That’s good, since it is said precisely that the sign has restocked in PS5 and that it is preparing to market them.

When exactly, we don’t really know, but probably imminently. We can therefore strongly advise you to take a look regularly from the following link. Rumors indicate that two different packs would be offered, sold between 650 and 750 euros (and including games and/or accessories).

Check PS5 stocks at Fnac

Cdiscount: new PS5 to come?

Cdisount is one of the main crossroads for everything related to new technologies, of which video games are obviously a part. There are dozens and dozens of discounted games… but also the consoles themselves, of course. Often, the platform sells PS5 but these leave in the blink of an eyelike everywhere since the arrival of the machine.

However, it is said that Cdiscount would have recovered new stocks, for a very short time. These would therefore be put on sale shortly, so stay tuned, it could be your turn.

Check PS5 stocks at Cdiscount

PS5: Géant Casino also in the game?

When we talk about high tech or multimedia, we often think of online retailers like Amazon, Cdiscount or Rakuten. However, we must not forget the large distribution brands such as Géant Casino which, too, offers a lot of sometimes interesting offers.

The PlayStation 5 would just land again on the organization’s online site, according to recent hallway noises. You know the music: check regularly if the stocks have been put on sale, it won’t be long.

Check PS5 stocks at Géant Casino

PS5 soon on sale at Micromania?

Another “we say” reports a restocking of PS5 stocks at Micromania. We would not be surprised, the French brand relying heavily on the Sony console as it sells well, allowing it to ensure a good part of the turnover. Only here, you still have to have some on hand…

So stay tuned because PS5s would go on sale, apparently as bundles. These could directly include games or accessories, which is enough to start off on the right foot.

Check PS5 stocks at Micromania

PlayStation Direct: a private sale may soon take place

If you missed the deal, PlayStation Direct is an online store directly run by Sony. This avoids the Japanese manufacturer to go through third-party resellers and put his own items on sale, directly by him and as he sees fit. A good initiative that adds one more player to the long list of PS5 sellers.

And justly, the PS5 could return to stock very shortly via a… private sale. Little information has yet been given, but we will keep you informed if things materialize.

Check PS5 Stock at PlayStation Direct

Carrefour: a bunch of PS5 soon to be online?

One of the leaders of French mass distribution is also involved in the video game industry, to say the least. It is precisely said that a big sale of PS5 would take place soon, following the reception of many PS5.

Alas, whether there are a lot of consoles or not, there’s a good chance these will all sell out in a flash. So be quick: it’s happening below to check stocks.

Check PS5 stocks at Carrefour

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