PS5: A surprise is hidden in the new Playstation Plus

PS5: A surprise is hidden in the new Playstation Plus

On the Daily menu for June 23, 2022, we start with all the new information on FF16. We will continue with the launch of the new PS Plus in France, then we will go to the Lord of the Rings series from Amazon, which is preparing its launch. The Daily is on.

Final Fantasy 16, the first PEGI 18 of the saga?

Final Fantasy 16 is Square Enix’s star for the start of the decade. The JRPG has the heavy task of embodying the after FF15, a project in which Square Enix had left feathers. In addition to this difficult heritage, FF16 must make a place for itself, between FF14 the MMORPG which always hits the mark, and FF7 Remake, the love letter to the fans which monopolizes the heart. As a reminder, FF16 will tell us the story of a war-torn world, where each nation has its own weapon of mass destruction: a primordial, a kind of big destructive summon. When not in combat, they live in the bodies of key characters, treated differently depending on the city. Some are adored, others chased away from their families. In this universe, we embody Clive, who has the particularity of being able to absorb the power of the primordials he meets. This gives rise to clashes like Devil May Cry sprinkled with RPG. There is a real desire to open the game to a wider audience, in particular thanks to the hyper-lively combat system and this absence of an open world, in order to capitalize on a dense epic. Moreover, given the degree of violence encountered, and the dark themes of the scenario, this FF16 will be classified M for Mature, we can therefore expect a minimum PEGI 16, or even a PEGI 18 in France, a first for the franchise. which has always been quite civilized on visual and moral violence.

The new PS Plus launches in France with a surprise!

PlayStation Plus, the PlayStation service that aims to modernize its offer in the face of Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate, is arriving in France today! In this new PlayStation Plus, there is the basic component, the Essential. It offers neither more nor less than what the PS Plus offered before, free games each month, online play, and discounts on the store. Then this is where it gets complicated. The next component is called the PS Plus Extra. It includes the basic PS Plus and a few major additions, such as access to the Game Catalog, a listing of PS5 and PS4 games, games of all types, which make this component relatively similar to a Game Pass. It is 100 euros for an annual subscription, and 14 euros if you pay monthly. Clearly, the annual subscription is more interesting. The superior formula, the very last, comes next, at 120 euros per year, therefore 10 euros per month. In addition to everything you’ve unlocked previously, you get access to a catalog of classic games, PlayStation retro gaming, PlayStation blockbuster trial sessions, streaming galore, loads of games, to which you will have access on PS5 but also on PC.

The Lord of the Rings series reinvents the Orcs!

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is a gigantic project. We are talking about a budget never equaled before, with a first season that costs 1 billion dollars. As we know, the saga will focus on the rings of power, and we imagine it, on Sauron. The Orcs thus have a capital importance in the story, and they are very different from those that we could cross in the trilogy of films by Peter Jackson. Take, for example, in the interview with our colleagues from IGN, we learn that they will have downright skin problems. Their face is also softer, less dotted with scars and traces of past battles. There will even be female orcs on screen for the first time. The series mixes CGI and practical effects, moreover, we learned that prostheses were often preferred, in particular to better transcribe the emotions of the actors, or for close-ups, on which we should have no image of synthesis, which will reinforce the realism of the series.