Paul Pogba starts a war at Juventus

Paul Pogba starts a war at Juventus

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A black year. For Paul Pogba, 2022 will not remain a wonderful memory. The international tricolor has lived through difficult times. In addition to the death of his agent and friend Mino Raiola, he chained injuries to Manchester United, a club he left this summer free of any contract. His second visit there was not a great success. Courted by PSG, Pioche eventually returned to Juventus. A comeback for Pogboom, determined to shine a few months before the World Cup. But again, not everything went as planned.

On July 25, he was injured while training with his club in Los Angeles. The Frenchman had to shorten his session following a problem with his right knee. He then moved on to billiards as Juve had indicated on September 5. “Paul Pogba underwent an arthroscopic external meniscectomy tonight. The operation, performed by Professor Roberto Rossi in the presence of Juventus Health Director Dr. Luca Stefanini, is perfectly successful. The surgeon who had treated him had later indicated that it would take about eight weeks for him to be reintegrated into the team.

Pogba out until 2023

His coach, Massimiliano Allegri, was less optimistic. In early September, he said: “Pogba, we will find him in January, we have to be realistic.” Despite everything, the 29-year-old midfielder, who had to manage the famous Pogba affair at the same time, hoped to be able to return quickly, he whose objective was to participate in the 2022 World Cup. His dream was shattered. Yesterday, his lawyer and agent, Rafaela Pimenta, revealed that his colt will be out of the World Cup. A terrible blow for Pogba, who had recently resumed training.

“It is very painful to announce that Paul Pogba needs time to come back from his operation. If his wishes were realities, he would play tomorrow, but it takes hard work and discipline. That’s all Paul has in mind in these moments when he is challenged. He will continue to do his best to get back on the pitch for the fans and his club as soon as possible. The year 2022 is therefore over for Pogba, whose return to the best will come at the beginning of January during the match against Cremonese (January 4).

His case creates tensions in Turin

After six months without playing, the Frenchman will undoubtedly be motivated. He will also be a valuable reinforcement for the Old Lady who is having a disastrous start to the season (eliminated in the Champions League, 7th in Serie A). But in Piedmont, the Pogba case worries and annoys. According The Team, the management of the player raises questions. It is even a source of strong tension within the club, where there are questions about the footballer’s recovery protocol. His physical preparation is particularly singled out. The staff may have been too strong there, especially since we know that the player did everything to come back as soon as possible to give himself a chance to go to the World Cup.

For its part, the Italian press returned to this new fiasco. The Gazzetta dello Sport explained the reasons for his relapse: “For the past few days (between one session and the other), he has however reported discomfort in one thigh, probably due to an overload. The tests would have shown a muscle lesion, for which an additional 15 days of stoppage will be necessary, even if this was not disclosed in the last medical bulletins”. Back in the infirmary for an indefinite period, Paul Pogba is causing a lot of trouble for the Old Lady, who did not expect that by repatriating him this summer.