Panasonic Multishape: it shaves, trims and brushes teeth!

Panasonic Multishape: it shaves, trims and brushes teeth!


Difficult to store the Panasonic Multishape in a box. Just as razor as trimmer, it can also be used for… oral care! Its secret lies in a motorized main body on which different heads are attached as needed.

Panasonic has just lifted the veil on the Multishape, a product which, as its name suggests, can take on several functions. With this single device, the Japanese promises that the user will be able to trim their beard or shave it completely, but also, more original, brush their teeth.

For this, the Multishape relies on a main unit that houses the motor, a battery (with its charging port) and a power button. Small clarification, the manufacturer will leave the choice to the purchaser between a Ni-MH battery (cheaper, but with a shorter life cycle and variable power depending on the remaining autonomy) or a Li-ion battery (a little more expensive, but more durable and delivering the same power, even at the end of the advertised 90 min battery life). It only remains to choose the head adapted to the need of the moment among the many possibilities. Indeed, at the time of its release, Panasonic ensures that five tips will be available.

The Multishape and its five heads. ©Panasonic

Small and large bladed trimmers are for beard trimming and body shaving. Of course, multiple guides and combs will be provided to adjust the cutting height: 39 heights for the narrow mower, 58 for the widest, from 0.5 to 20 mm for the first and from 0.5 to 30 mm for the second, in 0.5 mm increments.

For those who prefer to have smooth cheeks, the foil shaving head is not an add-on model, like the one found on the Philips Multigroom. It has three shaving zones, like some Panasonic single-function shavers for maximum efficiency. It can therefore be used as a supplement to eliminate some hair and refine the size of the beard, but also as a main device to regain baby skin before going to work.

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A fourth head has been designed to remove unwanted hair from the nostrils and ears. Its system of double blades ensures a frank and clean cut, without pulling the hair, which would be very painful in these sensitive areas. Small refinement, the Vortex technology should make it possible to recover the cut hairs for a quick cleaning of the head under water.

The electric toothbrush apparently uses standard consumables.  ©Panasonic

The electric toothbrush apparently uses standard consumables. ©Panasonic

Finally, Panasonic wants to make the Multishape a particularly versatile machine by adding a toothbrush. Like the brand’s other models, it uses sonic technology, similar to that of Philips BDEs: the head vibrates at an extremely high frequency to better remove tartar, among other things. Note that the brush itself and the part that creates the vibration are independent. After a few weeks of use, you can therefore just replace the brush, as you would for a classic BDE. Nothing has yet filtered about the compatibility of consumables, but it’s a safe bet that the standard Panasonic heads will fit perfectly on the Multishape.

The main unit can accommodate a cap to protect the driveshaft.  ©Panasonic

The main unit can accommodate a cap to protect the driveshaft. ©Panasonic

The Multishape should be available in June on the Panasonic site, then in September at the various retailers. The manufacturer plans to sell the main units on their own, without a mouthpiece. It will then be necessary to count 49 € for the Ni-MH version (50 min of autonomy) and 59 € for the Li-ion version. Accessories will also be available separately so that everyone can buy what they need. Multiple packs will be offered with one or more heads, with or without the toothbrush.

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