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For nearly 28 years, it has accompanied an average of 4 million French people at lunchtime. From “Z’amours” on France 2 to “12 noon shots” via “Attention à la marche” on TF1, Jean-Luc Reichmann has become over the years one of the favorite animators of the French. A documentary is dedicated to him this evening, after the bonus of “12 noon shots”, on his “out of the ordinary” life.

The good humor he conveys on his sets has made him one of the most popular personalities of Paf. “I think the viewers clearly saw that I was a happy hour guy since it’s been so many years that every day I’ve been on TV at this timehe blurts out with a smile. IThe viewer should not be taken in. I start from the principle that when you are young it is for life. This is who I am. On TV, I tried to be as frank and sincere as possible..

He was before “only” a voice: on free radio then at NRJ-Toulouse in his early days then in TV shows like “Don’t forget your toothbrush” presented by Nagui. “He came in the report to testify with incredible sincerity about our relationship”, says Jean-Luc Reichmann, still moved. He is even more so, with a tear in his eye, he tells us, when Xavier Couture, his producer at the time, explains that Jean-Luc Reichmann was a real need “for its quality of closeness with people“.

A code breaker, a fighter for difference

In this documentary, we discover a Jean-Luc Reichmann fighting since his childhood. “You can see that I fought because when I was little, my teacher called me ‘the task’ to bring me to the blackboard (in reference to his birthmark on his nose, editor’s note). In front of 32 students, it’s not easy. I fought against that, also in seduction when a friend told me she couldn’t go out with a boy who had that. There are all these little fights. This documentary makes it possible to show that it is not easy every day and, I hope, perhaps help a young person to project“, insists the host. The whole thing, “without ever complaining“, underlines with modest pride his mother in this report when she returns to the motorcycle accident of which her son was the victim, plunging him into a coma then forcing him to hospitalization for a year. “I never realized that. Back then I just had a fight to win in the face of deathhe points out. A fight against the handicap because I was in a wheelchair“.

It is ultimately from there that he draws his energy to “60 years but still ‘djeunes'” as he likes to say. Once again, without putting himself forward and in all honesty, he is committed to difference. He is the first to have offered an armchair to a homosexual couple on his show the Z’amours. He fights to make entertainment shows and games accessible to the hearing impaired, a condition from which his little sister suffers.”Jean-Luc Reichmann is a code breaker“, defines Xavier Couture. And when it’s not on a TV set, it’s behind and in front of the camera that he engages. “When you see my journey, you understand why I attach enormous importance to education, childhood, supporthe presents to explain the choice of a series on the miners’ brigade. Life has not spared me, that’s the meaning of my fights. Léo Matteï, I am very proud of him. It’s the 6th year that we’ve been shooting in Marseille, and we’ll be there from September“.

A success there again. And when he talks about taboo subjects at noon such as sex, the host wants to convey messages with humor and second degree. “The famous naughty question of Attention to the stephe laughs. Sex is part of life, so you have to talk about it, but always be elegant in your words.“.

He who defines himself as a Provincial at heart, likes to recharge his batteries in Corsica. “But Marseille, I love it. Marseille is extraordinarily diverse. This is what most represents today’s society. We are so good there“, he concludes.

“Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destiny”, Saturday evening on TF1 from 11:15 p.m.