new trip to Paris with a great Neymar, Mbappé embarrassed by personal problems

Galtier says more about Mbappé’s attitude

A personal explanation for Mbappé’s sulky attitude? His missed penalty? “No, it’s linked to mathc, replies Christophe Galtier at a press conference. Kylian, his last minutes were three weeks ago, during the tour in Japan. Automatically, he is not up to speed on the physically compared to his partners. There is a will, on this profile of competitive players, to do things well. But there is what we think we can do and the reality of things. We had to that he finds his marks, his movements, his technical correctness and as the match progressed, it improved, he was very interesting. At certain times, there was a little fatigue, at the team image.

“I had decided in my head that when the score was set, that Kylian… I didn’t want to take the risk of pushing him too far. He’s a sprinter, he has a lot of energy. “I played more than I expected. He wanted to get into the competition, he played more than I thought, but for me it was important.”

Mbappé hampered by personal problems

RMC Sport is able to confirm the information from the team according to which Kylian Mbappé was hampered this evening by personal problems. The player still wanted to play the match.

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Verratti talks about Mbappé: “It’s nice when he’s angry”

Marco Verratti in the mixed zone on Mbappé’s attitude: “Kylian is a player who always wants to do well. I think that with the missed penalty he was sulking a bit but that’s normal, he’s a big player, he always wants to make a difference. When he misses something, he’s disappointed, that’s normal. But afterwards he showed, already with the first goal on which he was decisive, then afterwards with his goal. But that’s pleasure when he is angry because it means that he cares a lot about this team, that he wants to do well, that he wants to make a difference.

Galtier’s explanations of Mbappé’s sulky attitude

Christophe Galtier on Canal+ about Mbappé’s attitude: “I see the action (where he cuts his effort, editor’s note), it’s at the end of the first period. Again, Kylian had played 45, 60 and 30 minutes in the preparation, his last game was three weeks ago. Automatically, I knew it was going to cost on a physical level. That’s anecdotal.”

“He’s a competitor, he wants to be good, he wants to be good quickly. But a top footballer is not on/off, it takes a little time to regain 100% of his athletic abilities. When he’s at 100%, he’ll make the difference even more. These are players who like to score, who want to score, who attack… it’s a bit normal for him to be… not disappointed but a little short physically compared to his partners.”

Between sulky pout and lack of involvement, Mbappé’s evening questions

We didn’t see him celebrate his goal and even be pushed around a bit by Sergio Ramos, we saw him cut his effort in the middle of PSG’s attacking action, we saw him grumble about Vitinha, be replaced with a closed face on the bench… Kylian Mbappé left a funny impression this Saturday, despite his goal.

Congratulated by Marquinhos, Mbappé heads after his first goal of the season at PSG-MHSC, August 13, 2022
Congratulated by Marquinhos, Mbappé heads after his first goal of the season at PSG-MHSC, August 13, 2022 © Amazon screenshot

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It’s over ! New Parisian stroll in Ligue 1 with the 5-2 victory of PSG against Montpellier! Double scorer tonight, Neymar was again the great architect of this meeting in addition to his offensive contribution. Evening of firsts with Kylian Mbappé’s first goal this season in the league, just like Renato Sanches, also a scorer in his new colors.


Gone deep, Tchato overtakes Mendes behind his back and completes the action with the right foot! Donnarumma is beaten, 5 to 2!


Overflow from Nuno Mendes who crosses at the first post! Renato Sanches emerges and scores by missing his shot a little, 5 to 1 for PSG!

Sanches and Mukiele come into play

Double change for Christophe Galtier with the returns of Sanches and Mukiele! Mbappé and Hakimi take their places on the bench.


Neymar is very hot right now! A hat-trick for him after an exceptional pass from Lionel Messi. The Argentinian put back in the axis in a volley for Neymar who controls his chest and finishes without looking! 5 to 1! It’s disallowed for a prior offside.

Messi takes his chance

Only one goal is missing for Messi to complete this success! The Argentinian takes his chance from afar but forces his shot too much and it goes over!

A while ago

The two teams are not forcing too much at the end of the match, the fatigue and the heat not helping.

Kimpembe misses the target

Another corner shot by Messi and Kimpembe rises very high in the sky! He is ahead of Omlin but does not find the target!

Paris is heading for another victory

After an inaugural victory against Clermont, PSG are heading for another victory in the league and are already at the top of the standings.


It didn’t take much for Mbappé to score tonight! Corner from Neymar deflected by Vitinha with a header at the far post for Mbappé who kicks in and scores from the outside! 4 to 1 for PSG!

Yellow card for Vitinha

For an uncontrolled tackle from behind, Vitinha takes a deserved yellow card. A few minutes before, Wahi had also been warned.

Mbappé struggles to get into a striking position

Kylian Mbappé struggles to find his two friends in the attack and also fails to be dangerous. Except on his missed penalty!

Still about thirty minutes to play

Paris continues to have possession of the ball despite the reduction of the score! Neymar tries to find Messi in depth but it is intercepted by Sacko.


Superb cross from Savanier towards Khazri who poorly controls the ball! Wahi takes the opportunity to hit the goal but Donnarumma rejects the attempt… Khazri ends the action at the limit of offside! 3 to 1, first goal of the season conceded by PSG!


Omlin’s risk taking on a too short return shot! Mbappé shifts Hakimi who crosses immediately but it is countered … Neymar arises and places a header at the near post! 3 to 0!

Kimpembe can’t find the frame

Corner for PSG and Messi! The Parisian puts it in the box and Kimpembe tries to find the frame of the head… It’s above!


It’s the break at the Park! PSG lead 2-0 against Montpellier after 45 minutes of play. Saved for a long time by Omlin who saved a penalty from Mbappé, Montpellier finally cracked with a CSC from Sacko and a new penalty, this time converted by Neymar.

Hakimi forgets about Messi!

Found in depth, Achraf Hakimi tries to cross his strike but does not find the target! Messi reminds him that he was alone in the middle!


Second penalty of the evening for PSG that Neymar will shoot … And the Brazilian easily deceives Omlin with his famous race! 2 to 0 for the PSG which makes the break!


Hand in the surface of Sacko who concedes a penalty… It’s not the defender’s evening after his CSC!


Found in the area, Mbappé signs a quadruple hook which puts a defender in the wind but not Omlin who keeps the ball!


This time, Montpellier cracks after a lost ball in their penalty area! Mbappé took the opportunity to cross (shoot?), and Sacko diverted the ball into his goal! 1 to 0 for PSG!

Messi can’t find Mbappé

Lionel Messi is trying to find Mbappé in depth but it’s a bit too long for the French international.

Montpellier holds the shock

Put to the test by the Parisians, Montpellier nevertheless held on thanks to their excellent goalkeeper Jonas Omlin!

Neymar collapses in the box

Well launched by Messi, Neymar tries a hook in the area but is taken back by Sakho! No penalty for Willy Delajod.


Found at the entrance to the surface, Leo Messi rolls up a shot that Jonas Omlin pushes back on a nice horizontal!


Another free kick for PSG obtained by Neymar who is very very stirring tonight. Messi will take it from 25 meters and he forces Omlin to a still magnificent stop! The keeper is boiling hot!


Kylian Mbappé grabs the ball and presents himself against Omlin! The Montpellier goalkeeper defeats Mbappé with an incredible save! Left and opposite hand please!

Video refereeing on a hand in the box

Video arbitration for a hand in Jordan Ferri’s penalty area! Arm off the body, it does not forgive … Terrible for Montpellier!


It combines perfectly between Mbappé and Neymar and the Brazilian, very restless, overflows in the surface! He crosses left foot and Omlin gets a hole! Fortunately, a defender clears!


What an incredible pass from Messi who finds an impossible zone in depth! Neymar takes advantage of it but is too short in front of Omlin! What a gesture from the Argentinian!

The pressure is increasing

Paris is combining better and better with Mbappé and Hakimi! The Moroccan overflows and crosses but is countered by Sainte-Luce! Corner for PSG.

Sergio Ramos brings down Wahi

Sergio Ramos fouls Wahi who was trying to take the Spaniard from behind! It’s pretty well done by the former Real!

Omlin put to work

Twice, Jonas Omlin is forced to intervene with his fists! The Montpellier goalkeeper is very vigilant.

Neymar intensifies defensively

First defensive gesture from Neymar who comes to stick a big stamp on Téji Savanier. The Hérault captain remains on the ground.

Ferri’s foul on Neymar

At the entrance to the surface, Jordan Ferri mows down Neymar and gives an excellent free kick to the Parisians… The Brazilian hits the wall, it was pretty badly shot!


And here we go for this PSG-Montpellier counting for the second day of Ligue 1! Victorious in the first match, Paris wants to start the second against the Héraultais.

The stats are not in favor of the MHSC

Paris have won 8 of their last 9 matches against Montpellier in Ligue 1. The only exception: a defeat on April 30, 2019 at La Mosson (2-3).

Montpellier is the team that has lost the most away matches in Ligue 1 in 2022 (8 defeats). The MHSC remains on 5 losses in a row away from home in L1, but has not done worse since March-August 2013 (7).

The composition of Montpellier

Omlin – Tchato, Sacko, Cozza, Sainte-Luce – Chotard, Ferri, Savanier – Maouassa, Wahi, Khazri

The composition of PSG

Absent for the first match, Mbappé is back. We stay in a 3-4-1-2 pattern.

Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Verratti, Vitinha, Nuno Mendes – Messi – Neymar, Mbappe.

Sakho at home

The Hérault central defender is back at the Parc des Princes nine years after leaving PSG, with the number 75 on his back. He wasn’t on the scoresheet in both clashes last season.

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Reunion between Mbappé and the Parc des Princes

The Parisian number 7 will play his first match at the Parc des Princes tonight since the resounding announcement of his extension at the end of last season. He was suspended at Clermont last weekend (5-0).

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Thank you for being with us to follow the match between PSG and Montpellier live as part of the 2nd day of Ligue 1. Kick-off at 9 p.m. at the Parc des Princes.