New films and series to see on Netflix from May 13 to 19

New films and series to see on Netflix from May 13 to 19

Netflix releases a number of films and series in its catalog each week, without anyone noticing them or the platform officially announcing it. Ecran Large looks back at the new features added by Netflix from May 13 to 19, 2022, films and series combined in a non-exhaustive list.

What are the films and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform?

the lincoln defense

Available on Netflix – Duration: 10 episodes of approximately 50 minutes

Mickey Haller in his Lincoln Continental

What does it talk about ? After some personal and professional setbacks, a Los Angeles defense attorney, Mickey Haller, is offered a case by a colleague.

Why do you have to watch it? After The Undoing, Nine Perfect Strangers, Big Little Lies or Anatomy of a ScandalTV genius David E. Kelley arrives with The Lincoln Defense, his new court series. If this title means something to you, it’s becausea film of the same name starring Matthew McConaughey was released in 2011. The series is not a remake of the film, but a new adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novel.

Exit McConaughey, it’s Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who plays Mickey Haller, the smartest lawyer in Los Angeles. Aboard his Lincoln Continental, he crisscrosses the city in search of the best shots, even if it means ending up in trouble. At his side, we find in particular Neve Campbell, the star of Scream. If you like lawyers who defend criminals and find Saul Goodman’s suits awful, this series is for you.

Hollow Man, the man without a shadow

On Netflix May 15 – Duration: 1h52

Hollow Man, the man without a shadow : PhotoBacon-Free Burger

What does it talk about ? Having managed to become invisible, a brilliant but arrogant scientist exploits this limitless power in a very sinister way.

Why do you have to watch it? To give a chance to one of the least appreciated films of Paul Verhoeven’s American career. Made on the heels of two of the most outrageous Hollywood productions of their time (Showgirls and Starship Troopers) and on the eve of a saving return home (Black Book), Hollow Man symbolizes for many the divorce between the blockbuster industry and the violent Dutchman. We often underline its structural defects, and in particular his last act which turns into a naughty slasher.

However, it remains among the most fascinating variations of the myth of the invisible man, adding unhealthy sexual tension, accentuated to the point of discomfort in the director’s cut, to this already very dark figure. The deliquescence of Sebastian Caine’s mind is typically Verhoevenian, even though the filmmaker is the first to regret the result. He is all the more mistaken as the special effects, avant-garde at the time, show an ambition that is still just as impressive.

the unloved Hollow Man

the game

On Netflix May 16 – Duration: 2h09

The Game : Photo Michael DouglasMore sensitive than it looks?

What does it talk about ? When his brother offers him the chance to participate in a mysterious game for his birthday, this cold investment banker sinks into a dangerous paranoid spiral.

Why do you have to watch it? Because The Game is the third feature film directed by David Fincher. With a diabolical screenplay by John Brancato and Michael Ferris that constantly pushes the viewer to reconsider what is before their eyes, the film offers a hyper-stimulating twisted plot. The whole thing is led by the precision of the cutting of David Fincher, the melancholy musical composition of Howard Shore, the all in chiaroscuro photography of Harris Savides and the magnetism of Michael Douglas, Deborah Kara Unger and Sean Penn.

But in addition to the playfulness of the writing and the virtuosity of the staging, the real strength of The Game turns out to be his sensitive heart hidden behind the framework of the psychological thriller. His disillusioned character’s quest for humanity and the melancholy deteriorated visions of his childhood then enrich the film with an astonishing sadness that makes it all the more catchy and striking.

who killed Sarah? – season 3

On Netflix May 18- Duration: 7 episodes between 36 and 46 minutes

What does it talk about ? In this final season, where enemies become allies and the truth finally comes out, Álex gets caught up in a new enigma: what happened to Sara?

Why do you have to watch it? Quite simply because it would not be bad, in the end, to know who the hell killed her, the Sara. And then also because the prospect of seeing Jean Reno rediscover (more or less) his Spanish roots through the Mexican series, Who Killed Sara?, enough to arouse some curiosity. Announced in the role of a clearly unorthodox doctor, the presence of the actor in a recurring role enough to provide this new season with a strong argument.

Scheduled to be the final season of the series, which would do well to give some lessons to Hollywood productions in order to avoid the famous “excessive season syndrome”, this new burst of episodes should thus lift the veil on the identity of the culprit behind the girl’s murder. Now is the time for Red N platform viewers to heal themselves from the heinous cliffhanger of the previous seasonand to dive blithely into these new episodes, which promise an eventful program rich in twists and turns.


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