New competitor for the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck: this major manufacturer wants its portable console!

Nouveau concurrent pour la Nintendo Switch et le Steam Deck : cet important constructeur veut sa console portable !

News hardware New competitor for the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck: this major manufacturer wants its portable console!

Brand well known to gamers, Logitech has just announced its intention to market a portable console this year. But the latter will have a particularity that the models of the competition do not necessarily have, such as the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch.

Portable consoles oriented around mobile PC gaming are legion these days. It must be said that the popularity of the Steam Deck, but also of the devices sold by Aya Neo, has something motivate many manufacturers to embark on this adventure.

The latest is none other than Logitech. Manufacturer of keyboards, mice, or even headsets, Logitech is recognized in the field of gaming through its Logitech G brand. But, very soon, we will also have to reckon with this player in the field of portable consoles.

Logitech goes to war against the Nintendo Switch

It is through a press release dated Tuesday, August 2 that Logitech announces plans to launch a games console on the market. But unlike the Steam Deck, for example, which allows games to be installed on an SSD, Logitech’s proposal will focus on cloud gaming. And to achieve its goals, the company has teamed up with three key players in the field of high-tech can we read in the press release.

Today, Logitech G and Tencent Games are announcing a partnership to develop a portable cloud gaming console, coming to market later this year, that will combine the hardware expertise of Logitech G with the software services expertise of Tencent. The new device will support multiple cloud gaming services, and the two companies are working with the Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now teams so gamers can play AAA games when away from their console or PC.

As a reminder, GeForce Now allows you to play in the cloud a good part of its catalog of games already owned on PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store or GoG). The service uses Nvidia technology and is very efficient. Xbox Cloud Gaming involves a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and allows you to play part of the Game Pass catalog (Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, in particular) at no additional cost.

Cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now, Logitech’s advantage over the Steam Deck

Logitech G plans to offer a portable console lighter than those of its competitors, since it will not need as many components to function. Focusing on cloud gaming eliminates the need to integrate a powerful graphics card and bulky storage media. Enough to optimize the autonomy of the machine on the way.

The use of such a portable game console remains conditional on access to a sufficiently efficient wireless network, to be able to play without latency. If we suspect that Wi-Fi will be required, it is possible that Logitech is betting on the integration of a 4G or 5G connection system. The partnership with Tencent could, moreover, suggest that China will be served first.

In his press release, Logitech does not say more about the availability prospects of its console : nothing on the launch period or on the territories concerned. However, the manufacturer is talking about the end of the year, so we can hope to have news of this ambitious machine soon.

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