MotoGP Portugal J3 Andrea Dovizioso (Yamaha / 11) recognizes this: “Fabio Quartararo makes the difference with his pure speed”

MotoGP Portugal J3 Andrea Dovizioso (Yamaha / 11) recognizes this:

Andrea Dovizioso finished eleventh in his Portuguese Grand Prix. A performance that will not satisfy his boss in the RNF box Razlan Razali who wanted a top 10. But the former three-time MotoGP world vice-champion is still far from it, because without the two falls of Mir and Miller, not to mention from those of Jorge Martin and Enea Bastianini, he would certainly not even have seen the dots. The Italian also finished 29s behind the winner Fabio Quartararo on the same Yamaha as his, after 25 laps of the race. The one who ensures that the engineers of Iwata listen to him to develop the M1, by giving a different angle of evolution from that recommended by the World Champion who was imperial this Sunday in Portimao, passed his great oral after this Portuguese Grand Prix, and this is what he said…

Andrea Dovizioso had ventured into the minefield of the technical evolution of the Yamaha during this weekend in the Algarve, playing on his seniority in the profession so as not to insist too much on the abyssal gap in the face of the stopwatch with Fabio Quartararo, his junior by 12 years, official of the brand and World Champion. But as always, it was the track that realigned the sights and put things in their place. And that of Portimao, Sunday, delivered a final verdict: the French flew over the debates to collect his first victory of the season and thus regain control of the championship. Meanwhile, Andrea Dovizioso stammered on the handlebars of the same motorcycle, comatose at the bottom of the classification.

The pilot of 36 years commented on these data when they were presented to him on arrival: there is not only one reason for this situation begins Dovi. Fabio certainly makes the difference with his sheer speed. It is easy for him, so to speak, to ride the bike at this level. He also manages to put himself in a good position for the race because he always starts from the first two rows. That’s a lot of seconds at the end of the race, regardless of the pace. And when he gets the chance to ride those strange lines he alone rideshe can really enjoy the advantages of the motorcycle ».

Andrea Dovizioso: when i look at the result and my speed i can’t be happy

He manages to give very little importance to the negatives and at the same time to fully exploit the positives, i.e. the braking phase, the steering behavior and the cornering speed », list the triple vice-world champion MotoGP before letting go: “ my congratulations to Fabio “. On his personal case, Dovi explains: “ my pace at the end of the race was not bad. The negative point is that in the first half of the race, when you really have grip, I can’t be faster. That’s why I’m not fast in practice and at the start of the race. In addition, you lose ten seconds in four laps if you start from the back “.

I still don’t have the feeling and I don’t understand how to use the bike at the start of the race. I analyze the data and the difference is easy to see, but it’s still not clear to me and I still don’t feel it. So it’s good that Jerez is coming soon and a test day after the race. We’ll try to focus on that » adds the teammate of Darryn Binder. ” When I look at the result and my speed, I can’t be happy. But it is better not to attach too much importance to it. The only thing we can do is try to find something with the data and with Ramon Forcada ».

Andrea Dovizioso finished : ” reaching Fabio’s lap times is not the goal. We have to do a different job. Because Fabio is so far behind other Yamaha riders and he rides in a completely different way. If you try to copy this you have problems. If you lose a second, it’s not a matter of details. We talk about more important things. Fabio brakes very late and very far, obliquely, then lets turn and regulates the speed in the middle of the turn. This is where it makes the difference “. And it is apparently inimitable.


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