Mom finds 12-year-old son dead in bed trying to wake him up for school


Mom Kimberley Shepherd faced one of every parent’s worst nightmares: losing a child. Little Liam breathed his last in the house where he lived with his mum, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Death of a little angel

He passed away on March 23, 2022 and so far the circumstances of his disappearance remain a mystery. The 12-year-old went to sleep and in the morning when his mum tried to wake up for school, she noticed her son was lifeless. Upset by the disappearance of her little boy, Kimberley Shepherd says she no longer knows how she will live without Liam by her side.

From the moment the little boy came into the world, the mother lived only for him, especially since she had raised him alone. Now, following Liam’s sudden disappearance, she says she has “nothing more to expect” from life. The pain of losing her child, she says, is “unbearable” and without her son she doesn’t know what she will do “to cope with the big milestones”.

Although she is aware that life goes on, Kimberley admits that this pain of losing the person who was closest to her will never end.

He already knew what he wanted to do in his lifetime

From the photos alone, you could already see that Liam was a kind and radiant child. According to his mother, the late little boy was very loved during his lifetime and had many friends. He could even be considered a popular student, thanks to his kindness. Liam was, indeed, a very “caring” and “considerate” little boy.

And as he liked to help people, the late boy dreamed of becoming a policeman when he is still alive. Unfortunately, fate decided otherwise. Liam had notably already participated in a marathon during his lifetime in order to show his support for NSPCC. He also tended to buy food and then donate the food to people in need. The little boy also loved baking cakes for the police, the NHS, but also for his teachers at school.

And shortly before he passed away forever, the boy held a raffle to raise money for Winston’s Wish. Gestures that show how much he had a big heart and loved helping people.

He remains in the hearts of many

Following the announcement of the disappearance of Liam, several people wanted to pay tribute to the little boy. Obviously, his death had saddened many people, in particular the inhabitants of Weston who made a moving gesture to honor the memory of little Liam. They have, in fact, placed ribbons and badges of gold color in the city in order to pay tribute to the deceased boy.

On top of that, Weston-super-Mare Rugby Football Club has also decided to name a stadium after little Liam. And football clubs have also donated autographed shirts to raise funds which will then go to children who cannot afford a football academy.

As for Kimberley Shepherd, who is very marked by the disappearance of her son, she claims to want to see Liam’s face as well as his name “everywhere, forever”. This sudden death of Liam is significantly reminiscent of the sudden death of a little boy in Brindas, near Lyon.

While he was playing football with his comrades, the boy had a malaise which led to his death. The adults present in particular tried everything to save the toddler by applying first aid gestures, while waiting for the arrival of the firefighters.

However, despite this, they were unable to save the child who was in cardiac arrest when the firefighters arrived at the scene of the tragedy. According to the sources of Progress, post-mortem examinations will be made in order to know a little more about the true circumstances of the disappearance of this little boy.