Mike James exasperated by ALBA Berlin box and one

Mike James AS Monaco 2022-23 Sébastien Grasset 4

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Having been squeezed by the box and one of ALBA Berlin, Monaco point guard Mike James expressed his disapproval of this defense on Twitter.

Five. This is the number of shots attempted by Mike James during AS Monaco’s victory against ALBA Berlin (92-89) on Friday evening in the EuroLeague. The opposing coach, Israel Gonzalez, varied the defenses and notably planned a box and one (four players in zone defense, one in strictly individual defense on Mike James) to limit the opposing star, the main creator of the Roca Team. On the last action, Mike James thus went to dismiss the game by attracting his defender to the opposite of the ball when Elie Okobo was in charge of trying (and scoring) the basket of victory. Earlier in the game, the American playmaker attacked his opponent to create gaps and stuff Alpha Diallo (12 points at the end of the second quarter) with balls before the break. Despite his patience on the field, Mike James (8 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds in the end) took offense in a tweet that such a defensive strategy could be used at this level of competition.

“OK the day has passed and the game is over… Can we agree that setting up a ‘box and one’ for 40 minutes in a professional basketball game is ridiculous? »

After the meeting, his coach Sasa Obradovic said he was troubled by this defensive choice. ” They surprised ushe confessed. You don’t see that kind of defense in the EuroLeague. We see that in the smaller championships and we had to fight against that. His pivot Donatas Motiejunas went his way. ” They defended in a way I had never seen in my life. Despite this, Monaco got out of the Berlin trap. But Eric Girard’s ESSM Le Portel could well have surprising defensive strategies in store for them this Sunday in Betclic ELITE.


December 17, 2022 at 2:30 am

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