Mercato – Salaries of Paul Pogba, Ousmane Dembélé and Paulo Dybala: Why are player salaries falling so much?

Mercato – Salaries of Paul Pogba, Ousmane Dembélé and Paulo Dybala: Why are player salaries falling so much?

After looking for a new base, Thomas Lemar had to decide, too, to follow the trend. This Thursday, L’Equipe announces that the former Monegasque will extend his contract with Atlético de Madrid for four years but on reduced conditions: the world champion will see his monthly salary drop by 50%. Rest assured, Lemar is not the only one to take the brunt of the new market reality. Many players, and not the least, have had to accept a sharp drop in their income. A brief non-exhaustive overview:
  • Ousmane Dembélé: extension with fixed salary cut of 40%, according to the Spanish press


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  • Paul Pogba: From 18 (Manchester United) to 10 million euros annually (Juventus Turin)
  • Romelu Lukaku: From 18 (Chelsea) to 8.5 million euros annually (Inter Milan)
  • Paulo Dybala: From 9.5 (Juventus Turin) to 6 million euros (AS Roma)
  • Alexandre Lacazette: 55% salary cut

Paul Pogba

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We could add to the list Samuel Umtiti, Antoine Griezmann and many others who had initiated the movement in recent months. “The football economy is no exception to the rule and is also falling. This is the reason why we have more and more players who go through with their contract.informs us Laurent Schmitt, sports agent. When clubs have the means, they prefer to pay signing bonuses than to spread an effort over several years.“Because if the salary drops, this is not necessarily the case for their overall income: players at the end of their contract can fall back on their feet with these famous bonuses. Thanks to bonuses of all kinds, Dembélé could receive what he received before its extension (10 million euros net).

Tips for not losing too much money

Pogba, he received 2.5 million signing bonus. The world champion, like Romelu Lukaku, also benefits from the “Decreto Crescita”, a measure which allows anyone who has gone abroad for two years to benefit from a tax reduction of 30% over a period of five years. when she returns to work in Italy. A bonus that dampens, again, the drop in emoluments. Lemar, like Umtiti before him, loses wages but gains contract years. In the end, the amount he receives is smoothed but the player is not necessarily a loser.

“OM are doing a Europa League transfer window, not the Champions League”

But there is a real tendency today among players: to wait for the end of the contract, to grab the bank. Except that not everyone is Mbappé. Pogba or Dembélé underperformed and the market reacted logically. Because the clubs, contrary to what they want us to believe, did not fight to have them“, informs us a good connoisseur of the market. And it is quite easy to understand why Neymar will not move this summer. With a salary of 37 million euros until 2027, why would the Brazilian go elsewhere to earn less?

Serie A takes the bull by the horns

Serie A has decided to regulate its wages. Juve realized that by offering expensive contracts to players who were not always worth it (Aaron Ramsey or Adrien Rabiot at 7 million euros a year), they found themselves unable to sell them. and could drag them like balls for several accounting years. This is why she did not give in to the demands of Paolo Dybala. And why AC Milan preferred to let Gianluigi Donnarumma go last year or, this season, Franck Kessié at the end of the contract.

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The transalpine clubs have reoriented themselves towards à la carte contracts by linking the player’s remuneration more to his performance. Zlatan Ibrahimovic thus receives the lowest salary of his career (1.5 million euros annually) but he is supplemented with bonuses according to his number of appearances and goals.

If even the immense Zlatan is on dry bread, at over 40 years old all the same, should the players as a whole start to worry? There are still a few clubs where the readjustment of the market is not yet a reality. Beyond PSG and Manchester City with unlimited funds and which can still offer golden bridges to Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé this summer, FC Barcelona, ​​thanks to loans and a very aggressive policy, was able to snatch Robert Lewandowski or Franck Kessié by offering them off-market salary conditions. When all the clubs are pressing the brake, the Catalans have put the dust under the rug and are betting on a post-Covid economic recovery.

The Premier League, with its unparalleled TV rights, can also continue to offer old-world salaries and transfer fees. But for players like Lemar, who are of no interest to PSG, City, Barça or the Premier League, it will probably be necessary to resolve to revise their claims downwards.


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