materials, autonomy, news… what we know about these connected watches

materials, autonomy, news... what we know about these connected watches

The leaks surrounding the next Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro are becoming more and more pressing. Design, materials, autonomy, sizes… Let’s take a full look at Samsung’s next connected watches.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for illustration // Source: Samsung

Last year, Samsung reigned supreme in smartwatches running Wear OS, as its Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic were the only ones to offer the latest version of the OS, Wear OS 3. Result: it was a real cardboard.

This year, the situation should change, with the arrival of the Pixel Watch, as well as other players equipped with the OS (Fossil, Mobvoi, Tag Heuer…), Samsung will have to beef up its game with irreproachable Watch 5s. We take stock of the various information that has leaked.

A very Classic Pro

First very differentiating point with the range of Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung would offer this time a Pro version of the Galaxy Watch 5. Unsurprisingly, it would be the largest version.

More surprisingly, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could completely replace the Classic model in the range, thus keeping two Galaxy Watch models, rather than going to three.

The Pro version would also incorporate materials that are luxurious to say the least: sapphire crystal for the dial and titanium for the case. It is not yet known if all Galaxy Watch 5 Pro would be entitled to it or if a less expensive option will also be offered.

In addition, the new Watch series would integrate a new version of Wear OS 3, under its Samsungized version called One UI Watch, without it being known at this stage what additions the Korean firm has under its hat.


The autonomy of a watch depends largely on its size. Regarding the Galaxy Watch 5, there would be three models for two sizes, a small format around 40 to 42mm, a large format 44 to 46mm. The more premium Pro version should only come in one size, the largest.

In terms of battery capacity, we could expect a small gain for the smallest models, going from 247 mAh on the Watch 4 to 276 mAh on the Watch 5 40 or 42mm. A very large 572 mAh battery would also be on the menu, an increase of 58% compared to the 361 mAh of the Galaxy Watch 46mm.

Health and sports

Who says new connected watch does not necessarily say new health measures or sensor. Indeed, the watches today are all equipped with the same array of sensors from a certain price range and will rather be distinguished via their interface, their ecosystem or even the precision of their measurements, whether for sporting activity or a simple GPS.

Nevertheless, Samsung is actively working on adding a new sensor. Just like Apple for its Apple Watch, Samsung would try to integrate a thermometer capable of measuring skin temperature and determining body temperature. However

Galaxy Watch 5 price and release date

At this stage, no prices have leaked for the future Galaxy Watch 5. However, we can rely on the prices of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The latter was trading between 269 euros (in Wi-Fi and 40 mm) and 349 euros in (in 4G and 44m). There is every reason to think that if the Pro version incorporates titanium and sapphire crystal, the note could be saltier.

On paper, we also expect the Galaxy Watch 5 in the same calendar as their predecessors, namely at the beginning of August 2022. Last year, Samsung took the opportunity to present its latest folding smartphones, so we expect it the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.

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